Black Eyed Susans is one of my favorite flowers

This flower is just Beautiful

This flower is just Beautiful

So I am ahead of things this year and thinking Spring at the start of winter. I know I know that is crazy, but I really hate the cold and for me to get through it I need to think warm thoughts. So I decided to write all about The Black Eyed Susan on Squidoo. I have learned so much in my writing and I even now know why my leaves got a yucky fuzz on them toward the end of the season – seems I have Fungi.  What a gross word that is, but yes I had it and now in my research I know what to do. So this is good I am learning things and will be well prepared come Spring time.  I think the Black Eyed Susan is such a Beautiful flower and it only gets bigger every year. I have many areas in my yard where I have them – I make seeds from the dead heads and replant them all over – saves money that way – I have a HUGE yard. So I have learned a lot about the flower I adore so much.  I think that is a good thing, as Martha would say.


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