Dog toys for Power Chewers

Rosco and his Jaw of Steel

Rosco and his Jaw of Steel

Yup I have a dog who is a Power Chewer and as I write this he and the others are chewing bones right behind me. A holiday treat they got for Christmas. I do not give them rawhide too often due to the fact they race each other to see who will eat theirs first and then later I pay the price as I clean up vomit – ewww.

Anyhow – my dog Rosco is my power chewer in the family. I think he has jaws of steel. People say he looks like a pitt bull mix, but he is a mutt from the pound and to me is just a complete mush – with a mean look.

So of course I made a Squidoo page dedicated to him and all of  the toys that he loves and cannot chew into bits and pieces and there are a few out there. Even some of the ones I have found to say indestructible have been destructible with him.  And I know he is not the only Power Chewer out there. When I say Power Chewer I am not talking a puppy who eats your couch or shoes – I had that happen too. I am talking a dog who can eat through the toughest of toys made.

So I made a page on :  Tough Dog Toys for Power Chewers

Now I  cannot say that all those toys I have listed will with stand the power of your dogs jaw, but I must say if they made it through my dogs jaw – then there is a pretty good chance they will survive.

Yes Rosco looks some what harmless – but that jaw of his – well that is another story………


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