Hog Wild Bender Magnets

That bender is motorized - now that is cool

That bender is motorized - now that is cool

I grew up with a refrigerator full of magnets. My mom would have the coolest magnets of all kinds sticking on there and I still have some of those now – they are now considered vintage of course. My sister is the same way – she loves magnets and one of her favorite kind are the Hog Wild Bender Magnets so of course I had to make a Squidoo page all about them. I could not believe when making my page how many styles of these were available. They are based around Joe Bender a cool little guy that is made of durable plastic coated wire that have magnets in his hands and feet. So you can pose them into different positions. They have all sorts of other characters available like animals, creatures, aliens and so on. They come in the coolest little tins and you can even stick them on there for display. I think they are great for office spaces and school lockers too.

I got my son “Bones” a skeleton bender for xmas and he is just so cool – he will put him on his school locker. I ended up getting my sister the farmer and a pig to add to her collection.  I think they make great gifts and are just so much fun. So if you like magnets or giving unique cool gifts – I suggest getting a few of these – you will be glad you did – they really are very cool.


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