Squidoo has gotten hold of me

Squidoo has gotten hold of me

So I guess I should talk about Squidoo – being that is what the large majority of my Blog is all about.  I joined Squidoo back in August 2007 mainly to promote my party business – The Party Animal. Which is what I did – at first. I am not sure how I found it – maybe through a search or something. So I thought it looked like a great way to promote myself so I made a page – well what they call a lens on Squidoo. I found it was so easy to do and it was bringing traffic my way and one thing led to another and I became addicted – which is very easy to do.

Yes I am now a full fledged Squidoo Addict.

What I really love about Squidoo is that it is so user friendly – anyone can do it. My nephew is even doing it at age 7 – I mean he has some work to do, but that is how easy it is. The next best thing is you can make money by writing about things you like. The money is made from links you post on the lenses (pages) to products on Amazon, EBay, Banners and others you can choose from. When someone clicks off and purchases an item you get a percentage of that sale.  Now I would not quit your day job – it is not a get rich quick type thing, but each month I have been making more and more money. Oh did I mention it is FREE? The other wonderful thing about Squidoo is:  you can donate some or all of your money earned to charity. A lot of people in the Squidoo community do that which I think is wonderful. I do as well, but not all of it.

I also use Squidoo to promote my EBay – so when I have my overstock items listed from my party business it is just more traffic to my EBay to help increase my sales.

But best of all I found out I love to write and I choose things I know and enjoy. I have learned so much not only from doing research for my pages, but from others who write there as well. The Squidoo Community is wonderful and we are mostly all in it for the same thing – the joy of writing, making money, promoting our businesses and giving to charity.  So if that sounds like something for you – then check out my :

Squidoo-be Dobee Doo – Let Squidoo Ret Rou

Written in The Party Animal Style of course. I have my own style on Squidoo – my pages are always full of fun, humor, useful info – well most of the time and BLING. I love Bling.

Oh and by the way – to date I have 124 Pages written and going……………..

Ret Ro

Ret Ro


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