The Best Cat Litter Box

The Best Litter Box

The Best Litter Box

How odd to be writing about a litter box, but when I find a product that I love I have to tell everyone. Ok who would love a litter box? Well me for the simple reason that I have 6 cats and always hate the part of changing the litter. I always had basic type of box with your basic clay litter and it was getting expensive to change all the time and with 6 cats you had to do it often obviously. So awhile back I started looking at what the best boxes out there were. I considered getting one of those electronic ones, but after reading reviews I read they broke alot and they were a bit pricey. I also looked at the kind you can hook up to the toilet – now that was cool, but a weird thing to have in your bathroom. So I then found this one:

Roll Away Litter Box by Omega

I read the reviews on it and watched some video on how it worked and I thought it looked very cool. So I went to the pet store – I think it was Petsmart and bought it for under $30. Now it uses the clumping litter which is a bit more expensive than your regular clay litter, but I have to tell you in the long run I save so much money. What I love about this box so much is how easy it is to clean and I do it multiple times a day to avoid odors. MY cats like it too – which is a plus. I even have a Maine Coon who I was worried about fitting his big butt in there at 20 pounds and going and he fits just fine.

All you do is roll it upside down and then back to the opposite side a bit and the drawer catches all the clumps. You pull out the draw and dump them into a bag and you are done. I do have to add more litter every few days and every couple weeks I give it a thorough cleaning. I have to say it beats the old way by far. So again I made a Squidoo page on it and share it with everyone who wants a inexpensive Litter box that is easy to keep clean.

I truly think it is the Best Litter Box out there. If you visit my Squidoo page you can see a video I have posted there to see it in action. I know you will thank me if you get one of these for your self – I just know it.


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