Webkinz Birthday Party Theme

That Special Birthday Party

That Special Birthday Party

Oh how parents hate Birthday Parties and all the planning that comes along with it. The money we spend to have the best party for our children to celebrate that special day. If you are a parent you know what I am talking about. While some of us find it fun to plan a party other find it overwhelming and never know where to start. Well that is where I come in The Party Animal.  Every year the kids are into something new and we usually base our themes around what the kids are into. For the past two years the big thing has been Webkinz. Now just to note: The Party Animal is in no way affiliated with Ganz the company behind all those Webkinz. I just help parents plan parties based on the themes the kids are into.

I created a party package based on a Webkinz THEME called The Webfriendz Party Package to help parents have a party for their kids based on this theme. It puts the whole party together and I only charge $29.99 and it is sent right to your email in a PDF format. It cannot get any easier than that. Included is everything a parent needs to host this party including all the games ideas, printable game pieces, step by step instructions, tips, printable invitations, thank you cards and so much more. In this day where our economy is so bad parents are getting back into having the parties at home. Having a plan just makes this whole process so much easier.

I have received nothing but praise from the parents who have used my package calling me a life saver. I do not want to think of myself like that – I just want parents to be able to give their kids a special day without going crazy and that is what I do.

I will work with any one anywhere and will even chat on the phone at no extra charge to answer any questions – now I think that is service.

So if you are planning a Webkinz Themed Party than my Webfriendz Party Package is for you if you want to save all that time coming up with a party plan.

I also carry clothing in so many styles that will fit onto the Webkinz and make great party favors. In addition to that I have 8″ T-Shirts which the kids can decorate for their Webkinz which makes a great activity and a great favor option. These are very big sellers for these parties due to the fact you have an activity and favor combined into one.

Decorated White T-Shirt

Decorated White T-Shirt

I have also made a page to help parents create their own Wheel of WoW for the party. A very simple and inexpensive way that looks great. Easy step by step instructions.

Kids really love these Webkinz and so does my own daughter who now has I believe over 25 and counting. Personally I think they are great too and I have 5 of my very own.

What will they think of next?

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