Wii Fit

The Wii Fit

The Wii Fit

So here is my take on the Wii Fit Game for the Wii. Now this is the only game for the Wii I actually bought for myself – a Mother’s Day Gift last year. Good thing I pre-ordered this at that time to insure I would get it, because they are still hard to find. Of course I bought two, one for me and one to sell to make money, but my sister in law had to have it so I sold it to her for regular price. Oh well.

So of course I bought it as my new diet plan – cause I hate to exercise – like most of us. When i got it the motivation was tremendous. The game is awesome and so much fun to play and it really gives the couch potato a work out. As far as keeping up with doing it everyday – well that went out the window like most of those diets do.

I still say Wii Fit is a must have – it truly is a lot of fun – of course when you are motivated enough to play it.

I just cannot believe that it is still so hard to come by, but the other cool thing about it is you can buy other games that will work with the Wii Balance board. I do not have any of those yet, but I am sure in time my kids will get some. I did list all of them that I know of so far on my Squidoo page.


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