What would we do without Rainbows?

How can that not make you smile?

How can that not make you smile?

I know if there were no rainbows there would be no color. I love color!! Rainbows are one of the most fascinating things that appear in the sky I think. The cool thing is that if you want to see a rainbow you do not always have to wait for the rain and sun to bring you one – although that is the best kind. You can have prisms in your window to catch the sun – I have one in my kitchen that send rainbows in on a sunny day. Or they even have this cool electronic rainbow maker that can rainbows in your room anytime you want. Now that is just cool. My niece has that and she loves it. What better way to brighten your day – just add a Rainbow.

Without color our life would be so dull and boring so I give KUDOS to Rainbows and the joy they bring to us all.

Want to see more about them? Then visit my Squidoo of course titled:

The Rainbow


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