Do you look at your clock the same time each day and the number sticks in your head?


What time is it? 10:10

Well this happens to me and has been going on for years. It is the strangest thing I must say. To think I glance at the clock the same time every day and twice – am and pm. My time is 10:10 – that is what I see. Now growing up there was a radio station based in NY called 1010 Wins and their slogan obviously was “10-10 Wins. So the other horrible habit I have is to say 10-10 wins when I see that time. Yup I have a problem – I have been taken by advertising for the rest of my life. The funny thing is – I never won a thing from this station nor have I listened to it in years – like over 20, but it stays with me.

So this past year I do what I do and I write a Squidoo Page all about this and I send it off to the radio station – 1010 Wins. Of course they loved the fact that their slogan stuck with me after all these years, but the promotion was nice too – since I link to them on my page. The coolest part about it was I was sent a package of goodies – I received 1010 Wins pens,  a Beautiful Hoodie, and a cool hat that I wear on my bad hair days all excited. How nice was that?

I know I am not the only one that has a number they see over and over – I just can’t be. So really what is the time really saying to me? Ok Ok – I hear ya – I am nuts. Well if I am – so be it.

Ok and one more very freaky thing as I am typing this sentence this very moment it is 10:10 am on my clock right now – coincidence? I don’t think so.

If you want to read the entire story then visit my:

What is the time saying to us Page?

Just remember – 10-10 Wins!!!!



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29 responses to “Do you look at your clock the same time each day and the number sticks in your head?

  1. It’s always 13 minutes past. Well, not always, but it come up frequently. For ten years or so, I’ve been fascinated by it. Still have no reasoning for it.

  2. Catrina

    Ive been researching about the number Thirteen. Everyday for years each time I check the time, it is always past 13 minutes.
    This has been puzzeling me for a while.
    Years actually.

    Ive done some research about the ancient symbolic meaning of this number, and it says that it is the sacred number and has the highes power. I dont know, so strange.

    Its also strange how I found someone who is having the same experience, the person above my comment. email me! lets find out what it is trying to tell us.

  3. I agree….it is the weirdest thing. When I am about to make money or something big is going to happen…I see the same numbers. 10:10, 3:33, etc. or the numbers end up totaling my last name which is twente. Sometimes my home addresses, the numbers total up to my last name, which is Twente (20). I did not realize this until someone else pointed it out to me.
    A psychologist told me once that seeing the same digital numbers on a clock, watch, etc. is called internal programming. Any ideas?

  4. I just dont bellive in that , what ur psychologist told you. The people are not computers or robots, maybe thay made those machines, but it doesnt means, that we are like that “Internal Programming” My ass.;)

    That weird thing, was happen to me more than 5-6 monts. But i see that its not a coincidence before 2-3 weeks ago, when i see at the clock and i see 21:21 ….wtf? I say: i aways see this number, and not just that i see many numbers in the same order like: 3:33, 18:18, 22:22 08-08 etc..

    And i dont have any good explanation, but one friend told me the numbers of hebrew alphabet has meening, and u can find some meening of the hebrew alphabet. But i dont know hebrew, and also i dont have some one who can tell me more about that… and i`m still the same with numbers and numbers =)

    P.S. When i`v start to write this was: 03:03 ….

  5. Jason

    I have the same problem. I always glance at the clock at 10:16 both AM and PM some days. The crazy thing about this is that’s my birthday (10/16). It’s very puzzling.

  6. Cara-Lee

    I look at the clock at 11:11am EVERY day, without fail.

  7. Sam

    I always see the time 9.09 am/pm. Coincidentally its also a radio station here in Australia. I just looked at the clock on my PC and it said 9.09am, so i thought i would search for it …. My dad also sees the same time on any clock – he believes that is the time he is going to die, or something significant will happen to him!!

  8. ROCIO


  9. Natalie

    I believe I see the freakiest number ever! 11:34 If you look at it backwards and upside down on a digital clock, it reads HELL. I am extremely freaked out by it. Sometimes I see this time in am and pm. It has been happening to me for almost 8 years, ever since my ex mentioned that he saw this time everyday himself. Since then I see it. Help?!?!?

  10. Garson

    OMG am so glad i have actually looked up this to see what the hell is going on lol.

    As with Gabriel, i see these times the same . its always the same sequence 01:01 12:12 10:10 03:03 05:05 and everyother possible combo you can get from a digital clock.

    I dont have a set time like 7:47 or 9:11, its always same numbers used twice

    01:01 is the most common but i would see many combos throughout the day and night.

    I have no clue where this started , only since getting on the internet and having a computer about 5 years now and this started in one of those years. I have tried to break out of it by taking away my digital clock on the taskbar and putting a normal clock on the wall but i cannot escape seeing it.

    The mind ponders……………………………….

    my email is

    email me if anyone thinks they need to, i wanna meet someone who has this exact same thing as me going on.

  11. john

    I TOO SEE THE CLOCK AT 10:16. And it is ALSO my BIRTHDAY.

    its been happening for years and i see it in other places as well… (game scores, flight numbers, inbox/outbox, other various numbers) but mainly i see it on the clock.

    if there are anymore with the 10:16 issue please email me at

  12. humble average hoe

    I seem to look at the time 9:11 all the time. Its probably from the event, the phone number etc.

    I prayed about it…

    Its diminished much since then.


  13. I would hate to be reminded of that each day – what a terrible day it was, but for me it was a blessing for the fact my nephew was born on that very day. I am happy that I had something good happen that day, but sad so many others did not.

  14. sam

    i look at the clock everyday PM and AM at 12:20. every single day and i have never missed a day. i took the SAT’s and my score was a 1220 and i cant believe it, and i only think the worst of it. The number 1220 appears everywhere in my life and i continue to look at the clock every day and see it. unreal..

  15. Hi,
    I am freaked out this happens to you. I see matching minutes and hours at least .five times a day. This started two years ago. I dont know what to do. It is a little disturbing. Could it be good blessings? I hope so. Mike.

  16. I started to tell myself that it is a good thing – so I will take a blessing – I could use them anyway – lol

  17. I say play those numbers when u can – seems to be your numbers for sure!!!

  18. saumen

    i am from india,i use to also see time like 01:01,12:12 etc. regularly since 08 months ago.first this use to happen by my mobiles digital clock.then i had changed the format of my clock, then also i am facing the same situation with the watches and mobiles of my friends.if any body knows about this thing please reply me on my email-

  19. heather

    For years now I’ve just so happened to glance at the clock at 9:27 both am & pm. It not only appears in the time, but it began appearing everywhere score to games, a new radio station, scores on tests, and the weirdest of all my nephew died on september 27th. It may seem like just a coincidence but I feel its very surreal & ironic. The number 927 also appears in my dreams. It freaks me out

  20. I am so happy every time someone replies to know I am not alone. It seems numbers mean a lot to all of us. Thanks for sharing your story.

  21. Kelly

    I also have the same thing happen to me. For me the time is always 8:04 am/pm. This also was what time I was born. It seems to happen more and more lately. I haven’t been freaked out by it until it started becoming more and more frequent-now I’m very aware and edgy about it. Thank goodness I’m not crazy! Thanks to everyone who posted here!

  22. Dimple

    hey.. i am facing the same thing and I now feel that there are more people like me who are facing the similar situation.. I see consecutive same nos. like 10:10 , 11:11, 3:33, 4:04 …. its very strange

    I want answers for it.. but I have a strong feeling something good is going to happen about this whole thingy… now it’s like a game for me…

    If any of you find any reasoning on this, please let me know on

  23. HG

    Same thing happening here. Except my time is 9:23 (pm occasionally am) Its also freaky cause I wasborn on September 23 (9-23) at first i thought it was coincidental, but now it scares me:) I am leaning towards the explination of the internal clock thing, cause i am a very on schedule person, but its the fact that it is my birthday that keeps me away from beleiving that :S! Glad to know im not alone!

  24. Maybe it is our internal clock – who knows – I just know I see 10:10 everyday at least once on the clock. You are not alone.

  25. Kismet

    I have been seeing 10:13 since I was a little girl. In my hometown there was a radio station 101.3 and I thought it strange that quite frequently when i looked at a clock/ watch at school, at home, a friend’s house, etc.. it always said 10:13. It still happens to me pretty much every day, am & pm. I would believe the theory of “internal programming”, however, I’m not sure how that would work during day light savings time… Anyway, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

  26. Too Funny – u r definitely the only one!! ;o)

  27. Andy

    ahh, i’m so glad i searched this
    i don’t know how long this has been happening to me but i see 01:01 – 24:24 ect on a daily basis. i also see 12:34, 9:11 and then mirrored times like 23:32
    i use 23:32 as an example because i saw it only a few minutes ago which is what has made me research this,
    what has really freaked me out though is that people keep saying there birthday is on 16th of October, so is mine! ahh
    thanks to everyone else for commenting, i now know i’m not alone =]

  28. danny

    it doesnt happen to me but if it did there is 1 number i wouldnt want to see


  29. Josh

    For years twice a day I saw 9:11, and as you all know that is the emergency number, it always kind of freaked me out, why 911, then of course the plane crashes in 2001, and not taking any thing away from that, 9-11 2002 my son was born, I can honestly say that since my son was born, seeing 9:11 twice a day has stopped, I guess something somewhere was telling me about my son.

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