My new favorite toy: The Clique Hue HD Webcam

All the colors available

All the colors available

So I have to share about my Clique Hue HD Webcam. I absolutely love this webcam and how I can now chat with my family out of state and see them at the same time. I know many out there already have had their webcams for years, but for me and my family it is all new to most of us. Being everyone got one pretty much this past holiday – it really made the holidays extra special not feeling as far away being able to see everyone live.  I really love this webcam with all of its features and ease of use and the price we got them for could not be beat. Mine is the green one and I just love it. So if you are in the market for a new webcam then I highly recommend this one. You can read more about it on my Squidoo page:

The Clique Hue HD Webcam


This is one of the Frames you can choose: Magnifier


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