American Idol Season 8

Bring on Season 8

Bring on Season 8

Ok here we go again…who will be the new American Idol for Season 8? I am really looking forward to the new season which is only less than a week away now. I really enjoy watching the beginning and seeing all of the bad singers. Do you think they will still be hard on them like they have been in the past considering the whole suicide thing with Paula? Sometimes I think the comments are a bit harsh and can really effect people in their lives afterwards. I know that is what we tune into see most of the time, but it just tugs at my heart sometimes.

Anyhow with that aside I do also enjoy watching weekly and seeing the contestants progress through the process and change as they grow into stars. American Idol has really found some great talent and even the winners are winners – most of the time.  So we will see what this season has to bring and if that new judge Kara DioGuardi lives up to all that gossip we have heard to date.

So if you want to learn more and even see what some of the older contestants we wonder about are up to now – see my Squidoo Page:

American Idol Season 8

So are you a fan?


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  1. Kara DioGuardi’s cuteness almost makes up for Simon’s horrid haircut

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