The Smurf Movie

Will we be seeing Blue agian?

Will we be seeing Blue again?

How Smurf-ariffic – well for some that is.  Yes you heard me right the Smurfs will have their own movie. Looks like as of now it is due to come out into theaters in 2010 – a bit of a delay from when they originally wanted it to hit. Do you know that Smurfs just had their 50th anniversary?

Now I am not that old, but I played with these cute little guys when I was a child and still have some of them to this day. Ok well I no longer play with them, but they really bring back memories for me. I would sit and have them all set up in my den and play with them as I watched the cartoon on TV.

Believe it or not they are still making these today and have come out with some new ones that I just think are so neat like this one:

I call him Geek Smurf

I call him Geek Smurf

So if you were a Smurf fan in your day – watch out cause they are gonna come back with vengeance. I just know that all the kids will be wanting these blue guys and with any movie comes merchandising. Everything will be BLUE.

You can read all about it at my Squidoo page and even find some of the new unique Smurfs, as well as the old ones.

The Smurf Movie


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  1. thebenjamin

    As someone who grew up watching the Smurfs on Saturday mornings and eating Smurfberry Crunch for breakfast (I would love to find that cereal again, though something tells me it is not as wonderful as I remember it) I’ll see the Smurf Movie. I’ll probably wait until it is released on DVD.

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