The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Panic and Worry

Panic and Worry

The New Federal Lead Law has many in a panic – well most retailers and others who sell merchandise. The government is really cracking down on protecting our kids from the hazards of Lead. Well being that is a good thing this new law which goes into effect on February 10th, 2009 has so many wondering what they will have to do to comply with all the new guidelines.  The new law states: children’s products for ages twelve and under cannot contain more than six-hundred parts per million total lead, or contain more than point-one-percent of specific phthalates. So what does this mean? It means that anything being sold for kids under 12 must be tested for lead. I think people are really freaking out with so many questions on how this will be done and I really am not to sure if they have set forth how it will be done or at least not very clear.  I have added links to the Act itself on my Squidoo page and links to articles that have been written about this. I hope for those who are unaware of this new law as I was may find it quite interesting. I am still wondering what happens to all those vintage toys on EBay…

So to read more go here:

New Federal Lead Law


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