Could you ever think a Teddy Bear could be scary?

Meet Rita Morose

Meet Rita Morose

If you are like most than the answer is no, until now. Every wonder what happens to all those Teddy Bears that get tossed away? Well in this case they come back as – Teddy Scares. I came across these guys a while back and found them intriguing with their stories and looks. I can see these guys now sitting on the beds of those who are into Goth and even some who are not.

Teddy Scares are twisted teddy bears created by Applehead Factory in 2003. The bears are supposed to represent old teddy bears that have been abandoned by their owners and become warped and rotted over time.  Fresh from the morgue, they arrive complete with a toe tag, entombed in a window-display box and some in a body bag.  Now that would be a very strange gift to receive – wouldn’t it?

So if you are intersted in learning more about them and maybe even get one for your self then check them out on my Squidoo page – with caution of course:

Teddy Scares

and next time you go to toss out an old teddy bear – maybe you should think twice……


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