DNA Testing for your Pets

Dodge - 1 of my 3

Dodge - 1 of my 3

This is for those who are always wondering what breed their dog is. You can now buy a home DNA test for your pet – swab their cheek – send it out and get back what breeds are in your dogs DNA.  While some do not care to know and love them for what they are – I do too, but I am still curious what breeds my mutts are.  I ave yet to personally test any of my 3 dogs, but I plan on doing it. I just would really like to know and I think it would be pretty cool to find out. So if you are interested in finding out what breeds your dog is than you can read more on my Squidoo page here:

Who’s your Doggies Daddy?


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  1. Joe Ruttman

    We’ve used all the different places that do this and we now refer all our clients to the DNA Diagnostics Center. They are the ones you see on TV doing the human DNA but they also have a Pet DNA site http://www.vetdnacenter.com/


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