Sock Monkey – A Sock Icon

I am an ICON

I am an ICON

Do you realize how long The Sock Monkey has been around? That simple design from The Red Heel® socks that started  in the 1900’s. Even to this day The Sock Monkey is loved by all and really has become and icon. Even though it has evolved into many designs and the sock has even become many other animals – The Sock Monkey will always be number one.  I personally have two Sock Monkeys in my house – they just sit on a shelf with their big red smiles.

I just had to share my love for The Sock Monkey and if you want to read more about the history, find some cool Sock Monkey Gifts or for the direction to make your own then click here:

The Sock Monkey

Go bananas!!!!!


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One response to “Sock Monkey – A Sock Icon

  1. I LOVE sock monkeys! One of my four brothers had one when he was around 2. He was seriously ill and had to go frequently for hospital stays. He’d haul that sock friend back and forth.

    I recently saw a boutique with nothing but sock monkeys along one wall. They make them in pastels now, too. I like the original brown and orange, though. Thanks for this post; I’m heading over to the lens now.

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