I made it into the Squidoo Giant 100 Club

A Proud Member

A Proud Member

Wow I got an email yesterday saying I had made it into the Squidoo Giant 100 Club. So what does that mean? Well for one it is a HUGE honor at Squidoo and the highest yet. It also means that I have created over 100 quality lenses (pages).  You also get some extra perks when you are in this club and that is always a good thing – I like perks. I have worked hard making my lenses  – since I became a Squidoo member on August 10 2007 I have made 130 lenses (pages) and growing everyday. Be sure to come stop by and see my Lenses (pages) for some fun and great info.

I really love Squidoo and being able to write about things I want to write about and making money while I do it – that is an added bonus. And the biggest bonus is being able to donate some of those earning to charity a nice way to give back to society.

I started writing on Squidoo originally to promote my business The Party Animal and then became addicted and started writing about all kinds of things. I found I really like to write and I have my own fun style which people remember me by.

I even have a lens (page) on politics, Dear Mr President – Barack Obama, and I hate politics . It is just what Squidoo does to ya. I tell people who are not aware of Squidoo that if they like to write and want to make some extra spending money while they do it – then sign up. I do always add a caution: You will get addicted and may need a Squidoo Intervention.

So if you are reading this and would like to get started with Squidoo – then be sure to visit my Squidoo page written in The Party Animal Style and get started:

Squidoo-be Dobee Doo

I bet once you start it won’t be long until you are getting the perks of the Giant 100 Club.

Ret Rou

Watch Out


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