My Cat is a Plumber

Sushi the Plumber

Sushi the Plumber

I just have to share that my cat Sushi found a leak in my bathroom yesterday. So I am sending a SHOUT OUT on her behalf for saving me time and money.

How did she find the leak you wonder?  Well she was in the bathroom with me and I saw her starring into the corner under my bathroom vanity oddly. When I took a closer look after she was sitting there for sometime I noticed she was watching as water was dripping slowly out.

When I took a closer look and told my husband we found that our sink faucet had come apart under the sink and thanks to her we saved ourselves from a not wanted puddle that could have done more damaged if it went un-noticed. So thanks Sushi for that.

See cats are a good thing. You can meet Sushi  – and the rest of the gang here:

My Cat Gang – Six Pack

My princess

My princess


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