The White House Dog

Which will it be?

Which will it be?

So the Obama’s are going to get a dog. What will it be? They have narrowed it down between two breeds that do not shed too much due to his daughter allergies. The breeds are the Labradoodle or the Portuguese Water Dog. Do you think that is what they will end up with or maybe even a mutt. They have not yet adopted one, but are getting close to making a decision since move in day to The White House is January 20th. It was a promise Barack Obama made to his daughters if he won presidency. For some reason I cannot wait to see what they choose – being an animal lover myself I think having a pet is a great thing. Those girls lives will change so much and a new puppy to share it with I think will help a little with that life transition they are about to endure.

So follow my Squidoo page and watch for all the updates on their new puppy and learn about the breeds they are considering for their new family member:

Barack Obama’s Dog

Also if you are interested in learning all the history of the pets in The White House – Here is a great site:

Presidential Pet Museum


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