Writing to the President

Send a letter

Send a letter

Have you ever had something to say and thought about writing to the President – in this case Barack Obama? Are you not sure how you would do that? Well I have put it all together with directions on how you can get your letter to The White House – just CLICK HERE. My thing is : Do you think he really reads these letters? How much mail do you think he gets a day? I guess he has someone to read all the mail and maybe one night when he is bored – do you think he will get bored? – he may sit down and look at some and maybe it may be yours.

And for those who did not know – Barack Obama has a MYSpace Page – can you believe that?

And for all that are following what Dog the Obama’s have chosen – that is still up in the air, but you can follow all the news on our Barack Obama’s Dog Page.


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