The Best Laser Cat Toy out there

FroliCat BOLTIf you have cats then I have to tell you this is a must have. I just got this great toy for my 6 cats and it is one of the best purchases I have made for them next to The Best Cat Litter Box Find. It is called a  FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy for Cats , but believe it or not I have 3 dogs who love it too.

You take the toy and place it on a table and the laser points using the adjustable mirror and bounces all over the room and your cats will go crazy. It has a 15 minute timer so it will shut off automatically to save battery life. You can even hold it in your hand as well.

I think the design is a fun simple modern look. Add to the fun and add in some Meow-ee WoWee – that is what I call Good Catnip.

I am telling you this is a MUST have cat toy and you will come back and thank me – the cats Absolutely love it!!! and Dogs too.

To Order Your FroliCat – CLICK HERE


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