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A Penguin Birthday Party Theme


Remember when I said that I was working on a Penguin Birthday Party Theme for my daughter? Well it is over and it was fantastic. I just blogged the entire party details on my party blog: Penguin Birthday Party.  For this party I made all of my own party decorations and even created and made the games with things I had around the house. I wanted to show others that you can have a party that looks like you spent a ton of money when in reality it hardy cost anything.  My money was spent mostly on food to feed the kids and on the party activity which was Stuffing a Plush Penguin and the Penguin Party Favors.

Penguin Cupcake 7

I even made my own Penguin Cupcakes which I also have featured on my party blog with Step by Step instructions on the two styles I made and they were a huge hit. The kids played games like Musical Ice Bergs, Save the Penguin from the Ice, Feed the Penguin and more and you can find all the directions on my blog.

Again my point is even though it took me time to make everything  for the party it is so worth it in the end. Not only do you save a lot of money, but your party will never be the same as anyone else and the kids really love that too. Now do not say you are not creative – all the things I made and did anyone can do too. That is why I have my party blog so I can share with parents how easy it is and to also show you all the unique birthday party supplies out there you may not have ever known about.

Now I get to rest a bit with planning my own children’s parties being my next one is in the winter. BUT I will continue sharing great ideas and helping other parents make their child’s day extra special. Need Help with your party – just contact me – I love a good challenge.


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Webkinz Birthday Party Favors


Are your kids huge fans of Webkinz? Are you planning a Webkinz Birthday Party? This is one area I know a lot about. Not only do I offer a Webfriendz Party Package that gives you the entire party plan in one place, but I also carry Krispy Kinz. So what are they? They are Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats that resemble all of your favorite Webkinz.  These make the perfect party favor to your Webkinz Birthday Party. These treats are huge as you can see from the picture of my daughter holding some. Each one is about 4-5 ounces and they each come individually wrapped and on a stick. They are all made fresh to order and you can mix and match your animals.


Honestly it took me 3 sittings just to eat mine and the kids love them. I am actually using the penguin for my daughter’s penguin party today as the party favor. So the animals can work with any theme not just Webkinz. You can take make a small gift tag saying something like “Thank you for coming to my party it was Sweet of you” attach it to each with some ribbon and that is all you need – favors done. Not only are they BUDGET FRIENDLY, but they are unique and delicious.


In addition to the Krispy Kinz Line you can also find some other design favorites like Mario, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Sports and so many more… Just visit my website for more information; The Party Animal.

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Stuff a Plush Birthday Party


Are your kids asking to have a Build a Bear Birthday Party? Build a Bear can be so much fun, but it can also be very expensive to bring a group of  kids.  You can consider having  a Build a Bear Theme Party at home and save some money and I can tell you how.  At www.The Party (who is me) you will find one of the largest selections of stuffable plush. There is something for every theme whether you want to Stuff a Pink Poodle, A Cat, A Bear, A Unicorn, A Dog, A Doll etc…  I have it.  The hardest part is going to be what you choose, but if you already have a theme it will make it a lot easier.


I provide you with everything you need – With Each Stuff a Plush Kit you get the Plush, Stuffing, Birth Certificate (which I can personalize at no extra charge), a Wishing Star and all the directions needed. There is no sewing required – all plush have a simple closure of Velcro or a Zipper.  The other difference between Build a Bear and my plush is that the kids get to stuff them by hand which is so much fun for them. Oh and did I mention the Stuffable plush will also double as your party favor for even more party savings. So now you have a party activity and a party favor all in one – it does not get any better than that. I ship anywhere!!!

TShirt decorate Me

I  offer 2 sizes of plush – full size being 16″ and also Mini Plush which are 8″ so there is something for every budget as well. If this is something you are considering for your party then I highly suggest checking out my website to see all of the great choices available. You can also add on a T-Shirt to decorate and I offer a large selections of outfits to fit the plush as well.  So many choices!!!

Think how much easier and less expensive it will be to host this party yourself and avoid having to figure out how you will get all those kids to the mall. It is so easy to do and I will walk you threw all the steps you need to help you along.

TZ Monkey

I will work with you any way I can to make sure your Child’s Birthday Party is the best ever. If you need game ideas or anything else – just ask – it is what I do and I always love a good challenge. Consider me your personal Party Planner without the extra charge and why do I offer that? Because I love what I do and it makes me happy to know I have helped make a child happy.

For more of my Birthday Party Ideas check out my Party Blog: Children’s Birthday Parties and stop by my website

You can also join my Birthday Parties for Kids forum and ask questions, make friends and get more party ideas.


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Ladybug Birthday Party

ladybug birthday party

Another very popular  Party theme is the Ladybug Birthday Party.  I absolutely love Ladybugs and I had put together a Squidoo page that features everything you need to put this theme together from Party Supplies, Invitations, Game Ideas, Party Favors and more.  You can check it out here: Ladybug Birthday Party Theme.  I have always told myself that when Ladybugs are around they bring you good luck and I also have been told you can tell their age by the number of dots on them. Not so sure if that is all true, but I have always gone by that.



You can also find some fun Ladybug treats on my main website; The Party Animal where I feature some tasty Chocolate Covered Ladybug Rice Krispy Treats. These treats make great party favors and gifts for any occasion and can be made in any colors you like. The Oh so Sweet Ladybug colors go perfect with that party supply line. The treats themselves are HUGE at about 4-5 ounces each, they come individually packaged and on a stick, they are made fresh to order from my supplier and are a big hit.

Pictures do these no justice – trust me. When I received my samples in the mail I could not believe how large these were and it took me almost 3 days to eat just one.


I have also recently discovered another great website for all you Ladybug lovers it is called Everything Ladybug. When they say everything they mean it!!! You can find Ladybug Facts, Ladybug Anatomy, Ladybug Pest Control (oh who would want to do that?), Ladybug Crafts, Ladybug coloring Pages, Games and so much more. If you love Ladybugs like I do then there is no doubt you will love this site.

I think I have to go look up the facts I have on them and see if they are accurate. Ok well I am off to do that now – so I hope I helped you find some great Ladybug Party items and some other great ideas for you.

Ladybug Cupcake

Just added How to make a Ladybug Cupcake on my Party blog – these are so adorable and easy to make.

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Harry Potter Birthday Party Supplies

harry potter birthday party invitation

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has hit the theaters and well shall I say taken them over. I have yet to see the movie myself, but will really soon. Of course when a new movie comes out so does Birthday Party Supplies and a Harry Potter Birthday Party is one of the most popular right now due to that. So of course I have put together a post on my party blog featuring  all the Harry Potter Party Supplies, Harry Potter Invitations, Harry Potter Birthday Cake Ideas, Harry Potter Party Favors and more all in one place. Wow – now that is Magical!!!

I was amazed at how much fun stuff is available for this theme and you can really go overboard if you do not set yourself a budget to stay within.  So if you are looking for Harry Potter Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas then you must check out my post and get inspired by all the unique stuff I have found for this party.

So take the Hogwart’s Express to my party blog and create a party that will amaze all of your guests!!! My spell has been cast.

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Little Einsteins Birthday Party Supplies

little einsteins party suppliesAre you looking to throw a Little Einsteins Birthday Party for your Little fan? Well I just completed a post on my party blog showing all the great party supplies that are currently available. I must say there is a huge selection to choose from.  I myself do not know a lot about this show that appears on Playhouse Disney because my kids are older now, but from what I have read it looks adorable.

Picture 154In addition to that post I also wrote about How to make your own Pinata and told the story all about my Fish Pinata. So stop by and check that out – it was fun to make and I have lots of photos and directions there as well.  Learn why it was too heavy and the kids had to smash it while it was on the ground. lol

spiderman birthday cakeI also wrote about a Simple Spiderman Birthday Cake I made for my son when he was little. I miss those days – he is so past the Spiderman thing now and into more expensive things likes computers and electronics.  Maybe I should be researching how to make a computer cake for his birthday next year. Hmmm maybe I should get on that.

My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow with her Penguin Theme Birthday Party on Saturday so I have been planning. I have been making my own decorations and coming up with some fun game ideas. She is doing it at night so we can have a fire and make smores and night swim  – that works for me. I will write all about it when it is over so stay tuned. Now I am off to cook dinner for the family then to make some more penguin decorations for the party………

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Bakugan Birthday Party Supplies

bakugan castDo you have a little one who is obsessed with Bakugan Battle Brawlers so much that now you are left to put together a Bakugan Birthday Party? I am still confused at how these things work and even after I wrote a page for parents on How Bakugan Works it still is hard to get. The kids seem to love it and they understand and if you are planning that birthday party you will be happy to know there are lots of Bakugan Party Supplies out there to help you pull it off. So be sure to stop by my Party Blog and see all that is available and some great tips for the party; Click Here.

You can do it and look like you know everything about them at the same time!!

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