Getting ready for my BBQ or not – lol

46Ok so I say I am getting ready for my BBQ – should be cleaning and doing other things, but here I am blogging – is that wrong?

So here are some of the things I have been up to lately – I have posted many new party ideas on my Chilrden’s Party Blog – I recently added a Ice Age Birthday Party Theme and a Transformers Birthday Party Theme. If you stop by my blog do me a favor and help me promote it by Stumbling and Digg and telling your friends so I can get the word out better to parents about all the great ideas to help.

I have also made some new lenses on Squidoo for my summer RocketMom assignments. My very latest is on How to save your photographs which I think is so important and it is full of great ways and tips on how to do just that. I also did 10 Things I will always remember about Michael Jackson – pretty much my tribute.  How about A Tropical Christmas – this is about my Christmas’ spent in Florida which was weird for me without snow. I also made a dedication page to my Senior Dog Bailey who I love very much, but watching her age makes me sad and I know my time with her is limited.  With that and the other 8 pets I have I also made a fun add your caption to my pets photos lens called –  What are my pets trying to tell me? – so stop by and help me out with that. Then in line with my party stuff I made a lens on a very well needed subject – How to recycle and reuse your Mylar Balloons – now that was fun. I have more in the works and will blog when they are live and ready to view.

I have also joined Redgage recently a social networking site and to my amazement I won $50.00 in their daily contest – I never win anything so that made my day. Who can not use an extra 50 bucks? So if you are not part of that network get on it – you get paid every time someone views your posts.

I have also been having a lot of fun over at Tagfoot another social networking site that I absolutely love – so check that out too.

tagfootfollow my footsteps

So that is about it for now – I really should get back to cleaning I guess only 5 hours until my guests arrive – YIKES. Oh and one more thing before I go – come follow me on Twitter and keep tabs on all my new posts.

Have a great day and Party On!!!



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4 responses to “Getting ready for my BBQ or not – lol

  1. Thank u – almost done with the cleaning and off to the shower. Have a great day too.

  2. I don’t know how you will have time to fix food to eat with all that you have been doing. A lot of this I have enjoyed sharing with you. And do keep me up to date as to how Bailey is doing. My Abigail is really slowing down. I hate that part. Have fun when you get around to it.

  3. I made it through and today I am just chilling out with my kids and playing – my niece and nephew stayed over and I will keep them another day – so today we are off to play with water balloons – although it is a bit cold for a July day.

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