Monday Monday

Yes it is Monday – the BBQ is now over. I still have 2 extra kids in my house left from the fourth of July BBQ.  My niece and nephew stayed with me and they are busy playing the Wii and have been swimming so I have been able to blog.

Today I added a couple great Birthday Party Blogs:

clifford party invitations 2Clifford Birthday Party Invitations – I am sad that Clifford Birthday Party Supplies are so hard to find now – I really love this adorable Big Red Dog. BUT I was able to find some good ones for parents who have kids wanting to have this theme.

and also this one

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam InvitationsTony Hawk’s Boom Boom HuckJam Birthday Party Theme – There is arelly a lot of great party supplies on the market for this theme. Out of all of them I really love the Skateboard Pinata.

So I am off to do some promotion and networking today and must go to the post office to ship out some party orders. Oh yeah I probably should feed all the kids lunch too – I guess they should eat – lol.


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