Jonas Brothers Birthday Party Supplies have finally come

jonas brothers edible cake imageAll of those girls will be happy to know that the Jonas Brothers Party Supplies have been released – I can hear the high pitched screams now. I think Disney did a great job on the design – it is very mature looking I think. I also think they made a great selection of items to choose from. So Parents give those screaming fans a party to remember with those adorable Jonas Brothers Party Supplies – I can just see the girls kissing their plates that feature Joe, Nick and Kevin. I also added a post on Jonas Brothers Birthday Cakes – all of the edible images available – so they really can eat them all up!! lol

Some of my other posts have been the G-Force Birthday Party Theme – I have to tell you I cannot wait to see this movie – being an owner of 9 pets – An Elite force of Animals is right up my alley. Sometimes I think mine are on a spy mission in my own house. This party with definitely be a popular one with the kids – no doubt.

I also posted some of my own Favor Bag making details on How to make a Luau Favor Gift bag and a Teddy Bear Favor Gift Bag – they are both fun and so simple to do and the guests always love them. I will be sharing more of my ideas coming soon.

Another fun post I did was on Cupcake Decorating Ideas using Cupcake Rings and Cupcake Picks. I really like using cupcakes at parties vs. cakes to avoid all the kid arguments – oh and it is easier on me to not have to cut the cake – is that wrong? Oh well the kids love them anyway and I have never had any complaints.

Then last but not least I added a post on Personalized Birthday Party Posters. I really feel in love with these – kids really like to see their names – I know I did when I was young – oh heck I still do who am I kidding. These are available in almost any theme and you can add any sentiment you like – they are great for birthday party decorations or a great gift idea. If have not yet seen these you must check them out.

Wow I guess I have been busy – as my family says – Blog Blog Blog. What I say – Yeah so!!!



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