Back from the Beach

So after being away at the beach for a couple days I am back and blogging. It was relaxing and I needed a couple of days to recover from being a tomato from sun burn. So here I am back in action.

So what have I been up to?

cinderella pinataWell I just added a post about a Cinderella Pinata that I love and would be prefect for a Cinderella Birthday Party. I also added some great ideas and all the matching Cinderella Party Supplies to go along with it. This party theme focus’ only on Cinderella and not on any of the other Disney princesses – I really like the supplies that go with it in the pretty blue color.

I have also started to highlight some other really great unique items I find on Etsy – which is a place that only sells handcrafted items. Being creative and crafty myself I love all of this stuff. There are lots of great handmade party supplies and party favors available and I will be highlighting and sharing all of my favorites.

Here are a few I have done already:

harry potter party favor exploding frog soapExploding Frog  Soap Birthday Party Favor – perfect for your Harry Potter Birthday Party. There is no doubt this would be the hit of the party and get those stinky kids into that bath with no fight.  It is a frog soap that explodes and smells great all at the same time.

the partys here bannerHand Painted Birthday Party Banners and Party Supplies – This Etsy sellers offers so many great personalized items and will design whatever you are looking for. Her stuff is wonderful and you can find many great one of a kind items – my favorite kind. Oh and let me mention affordable too!!!

ladybug crayons birthday party favorHow about Redesigned Crayon Party Favors? They are called Lil Scribblers™ and are Crayola Crayons melted into some fun shapes and made so well with the swirls of colors.  These make the best Party Favors that are useful and the kids love them.

gi joe rise of the cobra birthday party suppliesAlso with the upcoming GI Joe Movie kids will be asking to have a G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra Birthday Party – well the party supplies are in and I have written all about what is available.

bissell 4I also finally completed another Squidoo RocketMom Assignment – I had to make an acknowledgement page – So I wrote about my Bissell Floor Steamer – my thanks to Bissell for making my life easier. Yes I wrote about a mop, but I love it and had to share. So if you do not have one you better check it out!!!

Well for now that is all – thanks for reading – I will keep you all up to date as I continue to write. Now I must go apply more aloe to my burns so I do not peel really bad…. off I go…………..


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  1. I love the exploding frog idea for a Harry Potter party. Harry potter parties are my favorite and I also put together 5 potions to try at your next party.

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