Little Einsteins Birthday Party Supplies

little einsteins party suppliesAre you looking to throw a Little Einsteins Birthday Party for your Little fan? Well I just completed a post on my party blog showing all the great party supplies that are currently available. I must say there is a huge selection to choose from.  I myself do not know a lot about this show that appears on Playhouse Disney because my kids are older now, but from what I have read it looks adorable.

Picture 154In addition to that post I also wrote about How to make your own Pinata and told the story all about my Fish Pinata. So stop by and check that out – it was fun to make and I have lots of photos and directions there as well.  Learn why it was too heavy and the kids had to smash it while it was on the ground. lol

spiderman birthday cakeI also wrote about a Simple Spiderman Birthday Cake I made for my son when he was little. I miss those days – he is so past the Spiderman thing now and into more expensive things likes computers and electronics.  Maybe I should be researching how to make a computer cake for his birthday next year. Hmmm maybe I should get on that.

My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow with her Penguin Theme Birthday Party on Saturday so I have been planning. I have been making my own decorations and coming up with some fun game ideas. She is doing it at night so we can have a fire and make smores and night swim  – that works for me. I will write all about it when it is over so stay tuned. Now I am off to cook dinner for the family then to make some more penguin decorations for the party………


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  1. This was a really great read, I am very glad I came across your site.

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