Ladybug Birthday Party

ladybug birthday party

Another very popular  Party theme is the Ladybug Birthday Party.  I absolutely love Ladybugs and I had put together a Squidoo page that features everything you need to put this theme together from Party Supplies, Invitations, Game Ideas, Party Favors and more.  You can check it out here: Ladybug Birthday Party Theme.  I have always told myself that when Ladybugs are around they bring you good luck and I also have been told you can tell their age by the number of dots on them. Not so sure if that is all true, but I have always gone by that.



You can also find some fun Ladybug treats on my main website; The Party Animal where I feature some tasty Chocolate Covered Ladybug Rice Krispy Treats. These treats make great party favors and gifts for any occasion and can be made in any colors you like. The Oh so Sweet Ladybug colors go perfect with that party supply line. The treats themselves are HUGE at about 4-5 ounces each, they come individually packaged and on a stick, they are made fresh to order from my supplier and are a big hit.

Pictures do these no justice – trust me. When I received my samples in the mail I could not believe how large these were and it took me almost 3 days to eat just one.


I have also recently discovered another great website for all you Ladybug lovers it is called Everything Ladybug. When they say everything they mean it!!! You can find Ladybug Facts, Ladybug Anatomy, Ladybug Pest Control (oh who would want to do that?), Ladybug Crafts, Ladybug coloring Pages, Games and so much more. If you love Ladybugs like I do then there is no doubt you will love this site.

I think I have to go look up the facts I have on them and see if they are accurate. Ok well I am off to do that now – so I hope I helped you find some great Ladybug Party items and some other great ideas for you.

Ladybug Cupcake

Just added How to make a Ladybug Cupcake on my Party blog – these are so adorable and easy to make.


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