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Great Learning toys from LeapFrog


I just finished a new Hubpage on LeapFrog Toys and it is a must see for those who want to educate their kids. I really feel these are some of the best learning toys available for our children. I have had them for my own kids and still do because these toys also grow with them. When I say grow with them I mean there are Learning toys from LeapFrog that are available into the teenage years.  This line of toys also makes it easier when you are shopping for that perfect gift for a child. It is nice to know you can give something that will help educate and teach and I think that is so important.

On my Hubpage I have listed some of my favorite LeapFrog Toys by age group and some of the newer toys that have become available like LeapFrog My Puppy Pal Scout, LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal, LeapFrog Tag Learning System, Zippity Learning System, Clickstart My First Computer, Didj Customer Game System, LeapFrog Crammer and many more.

Educating our children is so important and why not let them have fun while they learn and with these toys it will definitely happen.

You can also stop by and see some of the Hottest Toys for 2009 on my Squidoo – see all the latest in Holiday Shopping.

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Halloween Window Decorations

Demon Window Poster

Demon Window Poster

I just completed an update on my Squidoo Page – Halloween Window Decorations.  I created this last year, but it needed a major overhaul which is pretty much just received. It is not only just Window Clings, but also lots of great fun scary Window Decorations for the Halloween Holiday. You will be amazed at how many great things are available for your windows alone.  You can find some great posters for your windows like the one to your left that can really make your house look very frightening.  The creepy Demon scares me.  How about Clings for your mirrors that look like something is staring back at you. I have also featured How to make your own Window Clings if you want to get creative on your own. This year I am going to paint my windows using Window Paint and do a whole Ghost Theme – that should be interesting.

Mummy is that you?

Mummy is that you?

Did you know there are even Clings for your car so it looks as if someone is sitting in the car with you? I have them on my page too.  So stop by and see all spooky fun you can add to your Windows this Halloween and scare all your neighbors. The Bloody Hand and Footprints are perfect for that one and do not forget to add the Crime Scene Tape for that extra touch.  I think that should keep them away for a few months.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

mystery birthday party

Do you have a Tween or a Teenager who wants a Birthday Party and you have no idea what to do? You know at that age if you do not something cool it will be the end of the world for them – or at least they think so.  As a Party Planner I have been asked quite a bit about what a good party theme is for this age group.  I just added a post to my Party Blog called:  Tween and Teenage Mystery Parties.  I came across this great site which sells these Mystery Party Kits that you can download and have in your hands right away.  Them come with the entire Mystery already done for you. I think this is a great unique party idea for this age group. It is easy to follow and the kids absolutely love this stuff.

I am thinking I will be doing one of the Mystery Packages for my son’s 12th Birthday Party this year.  There are so many mysteries to choose from so there is something for everyone. They even offer Adult Mystery Party Packages as well so if you are looking for one of those they have them too.

To read more about them just visit my blog where I provide lots more details so until then this will remain a Mystery………..

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Jack Skellington Merchandise

jack skellington

I absolutely love Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas. There is something about that long skeleton body and big skull smile that makes me happy. I also know I am not the only one. There are so many Jack Skellington Fans out there just like me. Well then you will be happy to know I just updated my page on some of the most fun and unique Jack Skellington Merchandise. I have found some really unique items that you may not even knew were available featuring – your truly – Jack Skellington. Did you know there were Jack Skellington Lawn Bags? Or you can get a life size cardboard stand up with him on it? Did you know there is a Nightmare before Christmas Monopoly Game available?

Who stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? Jack did!!

Who stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? Jack did!!

I am so amazed at all of the Nightmare before Christmas  Merchandise available out there and it is still being made today even after the movie came out years ago. I think Disney really cashed in on this one.  And yes they are even getting my money because I buy it – I just cannot resist. Maybe this year for Halloween I will have to get a Jack Skellington Costume, which are also on my page. Did you know those are available in plus size? Hmmm a fat Jack – not sure that would look right.

Anyway, if you are fan, know a fan or need to find some very cool Jack items then stop by – I had lots of fun putting this one together.

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The Newest from Littlest Pet Shop – LPSO’s

lpso monkey

Hasbro has done it again and they just came out with a brand new line on Littlest Pet Shop Toys called LPSO’s which stands for Littlest Pet Shop Online.  They are a Littlest Pet Shop Plush Pet that comes with a secret code that gets entered online to bring your new pet into a virtual world full of fun and games for the kids.  There is lots to do from caring for your pet, shopping, playing mini games, chatting safety with friends and so much more.  Most parents like myself asked the question – Are these the same thing as The Littlest Pet Shop VIP’s? The answer is NO. Although they are very similar they are two completely different games. To play LPSO you need to purchase The Littlest Pet Shop Online Pet and the same goes for the Vip’s you must buy The littlest Pet Shop VIP Pet. It is just like buying a new video game – they both have lots of great features and games for the kids to play, but they are not the same.

So parents when your child asks for one of these on their Christmas List this year be sure that you are buying the correct one. It will say what they are on the LOGO on the package and look like this:


To learn all about them you can check out my Information Page:

Littlest Pet Shop Online – LPSO

You can also visit my Ultimate Shopping Guide:

Littlest Pet Shop VIP’s and LPSO’s

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Harumika Fashion Design Sets

harumika design studio

I just wrote a Squidoo Page all about the New Harumika Fashion Design Toys that are out. What a great line of toys for the girls who love everything about clothing and fashion. I really like this a lot because kids can be so creative with this and can also show off their designs to others in a virtual online world as well.  It looks like so much fun and so easy to do.


Basically you get a Dress Form with various Material choices, Accessories, Stickers, Belts and more that you add onto the form with your stylus to create your very own look. In the Harumika Starter Set you also get a USB Camera so you can take a picture of your look and upload it to the online world at the Harumika website. On the website you can create your own fashion label, have a store, create your own avatar, have a runway show, let others rate your designs and chat with friends. There are also plenty of additional sets you can purchase to give you 100’s of new looks to create.

It is truly an inspiring Fashion Designers dream toy I think.  I have also added this onto my Hot Toys for 2009 site, because I believe this will be another big item on all the girl’ s Christmas Lists this year.  I think this is another one I will have to put under the tree for my daughter, but I think it may be something I will steal from her so I can play and make my own designs. So stop by my page and read all about it and even see a video of how it works: Harumika Fashion Design Toys.

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Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters


So my daughter sees a commercial for these Zhu Zhu Pets which are battery operated Hamsters that are suppose to be life like.  Of course she is already begging to have them, but I told her she would have to wait until Christmas. So I looked them up to see exactly what they were and what they did. So I did what I do best and I wrote about them to help other parents learn all about them. You can see my page here: Zhu Zhu Pets. They are very similar to the FurReal Friends Pet line in the way that they come alive with movement, sounds and by touch.

The thing that I really like about these Hamsters is that my daughter has wanted a real one for some time now and it is just not possible in a house of 6 cats. My cats would end up hurting a live hamster and how devastating would that be to her?  This may just fit the bill for now. I also like how they will move freely and play in their habitat of toys you can purchase to go along with them.  But the best part really is no cage cleaning or funky Hamster smells to deal with.

zhu zhu pets

There are a lot of playsets to go with them like Tunnels, Slides, Hamster Balls and more. So you can build a great place for them to play and add on pieces  just like you could with a real Hamster Habitat. These are just being released now under the name Zhu Zhu Pets where as I believe they were once called Go Go Pets. I think with the advertising and the hype being out out there they will no doubt be a Hot Toy for 2009 Holiday Shopping.

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