How to make Corn Chowder


You will see I will be posting a bit and sharing my Squidoo RocketMom Assignments over the next few days. It is part of my summer school with Squidoo and Friday is my deadline to have all my writings in to graduate. Being a procrastinator I have been catching up writing a bunch last minute – BUT I would the best under pressure.

So with that being said I had to write a Recipe Lens – So I wanted to share a family recipe that we enjoy and is one of my favorites and it is How to make Corn Chowder.  We have been making this for years and it is one of those recipes that the entire family loves. My husband is the one that usually makes it – he loves to cook – me not so much. When I do like to cook I have to find recipes that show pictures of what I am making – this has become a joke in my family.  So of course I share all the step by step directions to making this chowder with photos. The best part was that I got to make my husband cook up a batch so I could document the steps – extra bonus!!!

So as your mouth waters looking at the photos you can see how easy this recipe is and the best part of it is that it is so versatile. You can add in more veggies, chicken and your own spices to your taste. I share it the way we like to eat it, but sometimes we also change it around. My other favorite part of this Chowder is that is it so BUDGET FRIENDLY. So check it out and warm up your belly with my Family Recipe.

You can also see some of my other recipes on Squidoo I have written that are more family favorites:

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Our Turkey Soup Recipe – Where we take all those leftovers from Turkey Dinner and create another great meal. This recipe was handed down from my Mother-in-Law.

bacon chicken recipe

My Chicken got Porked – This is where I wrap a whole chicken in bacon – for an easy delicious tasting meal.


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