How to reuse all of your old T-Shirts


So as part of one of my Squidoo RocketMom Assignments I had to create a Lens having to do with the next book I would be reading. This really stumped me since I have not picked up a book in many years. Well at least not like a novel or anything like that. I use to read a lot, but since the kids came and working I have just not found the time to do so. The computer is my book – I read a lot here, but I guess reading a good old fashioned book with pages is something we all should do now and then and maybe I will get back to it one day.

Anyway – I had to really think about this. Even though I do not read novels – I do read lots of Birthday Party Planning Books, Cook Books and Craft books to find inspiration. My sister had recently told me about this book she saw called 120 ways to transform a T-Shirt and it was on my list. So I said to myself this counts – it is a book.  So I wrote about it. Now even though I have not read it yet I am now extra excited to get it and do so. I am so amazed at all of the great ideas there are to take your ordinary T-Shirts and repurpose them into something new.

So if you are crafty like me and have a million T-Shirts you cannot part with then you have to check this out. The ideas are simple and amazing and require no sewing to minimal sewing. I cannot wait to get started and I will share my creations once I have the book and I get creating.

Oh and for those who know Squidoo – I received a Purple Star for this one within days of it being up – that shows many others have enjoyed this as well. So I know it was definitely a great share. CLICK HERE to see what I wrote and learn more about this and Megan Nicolay’s other book.


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