Everything Elmo


I just updated my Squidoo Lens called All About Elmo and it now includes all the latest Elmo Toys for your Christmas 2009 shopping. One new product that is out for this year and will no doubt be one of those must haves like the Elmo Live was last year is Elmo’s Tickle Hands. The kids stick these hands on and listen to the new Elmo song called the Tickle Hand Groove. The kids will have so much fun as they feel the glove4s vibrate and say funny sayings from Elmo. In addition to the gloves you also get a DVD that will interact and teach the kids the new dance moves.

In addition to those you will also find of course Elmo Live, Elmo Books, Elmo Bedding, Elmo Birthday Party Supplies, Party Favors, Invitations, Elmo Games, Elmo Shirts and so much more. It really is All about Elmo.

Even though my kids are grown and the Elmo stage is done in my home – there is something about the Furry Read Monster from Sesame Street that I will always love. Maybe it is his contagious Giggle.


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