Have you ever made a Pizza on the BBQ?

Grilled Pizza on the BBQ

I would have never thought you can make pizza on a BBQ. After seeing so many great recipes and shows on them doing this I wanted to give it a try. Let me tell you it was sooo delicious and easy to do. I of course documented step by step instructions with photos of us making our pizzas and wrote a HubPage on how to do it. You can see it here:  Grilled Pizza on the BBQ I am having fun lately sharing recipes and taking pictures each step of the way. For me I need pictures when I make a recipe – it helps show what the end result will be.  My family makes fun of me with that, but it is just how I am. I cannot be excited about a recipe in a book if there is no picture to drool over. So when I share my cooking and recipes it is so important to share what it looks like and you will see no lack of that from me.

So stop by and check it out and try something new for Pizza Night. I know we will do this one again and the kids love to help with adding all the toppings too!!!

So what toppings did I choose for our Pizza’s? You will have to look and see. WARNING: Looking at my recipe will no doubt make you hungry.


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