Hot Toys for Christmas 2009


I just updated my Squidoo Lens on Hot Toys for 2009 and there are some very cool new toys out on the market for this holiday season. I will continue to add on as I find more. I like to do research on some of the hottest and newest toys that have been seen at the Toy Fair and that is what I base a lot of my choices on. Some of my personal favorites for 2009 are: Elmo’s Tickle Hands, Rubik’s Touch Cube, Mindflex Game, LeapFrog Zippity and the Genuine Monkeez. Again I will continue to add to the list as the 2009 Holiday Season gets closer and I find more of the latest in toys to share. I hope someone leaves me some cool toys under the tree this year – I would love to dance with Elmo Tickle Hands – lol.


I have also updated my lens on The Penguins of Madagascar. Those penguins are so funny and I am so glad they are now on their own show on Nickelodeon – they really deserved to Branch off. I feel they made the Madagascar movies. There is a new video game coming out for this holiday called: Mad Karts of Madagascar and will be available for all the game platforms this fall.  I am so excited – I may have to have that. I love penguins and so does my daughter which is why we just had her a Penguin Birthday Party – so maybe I can buy this new game and use her as the excuse to play. Hmmmmmm

school locker decorations

I added a few new things to my Decorating your School Locker Lens which seems to have picked up a bit in traffic since school is starting now. I have to say I am mad that these cool things were not around when I was in school. You can really transform a school locker into your own showcase. I would have loved that. You can now find Locker Bins and Organizers, Magnetic Wall Paper, Cool Storage and more. I feel so left out, but I am not going back to school – I will just have to live through my own children now.

So as you can see I am freshening up some of my Squidoo Lenses to get them up to date and ready for the 2009 Holiday Shopping Season. So you will see posts from me as I do that. I think this holiday will be much harder for all of us with the current economy, but if you shop early and shop the sales that will definitely help. Always looks for online coupon codes – just google it before putting in your order – every little bit helps.


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