New Littlest Pet Shop Toys

littlest pet shop toys

So like I said I was doing  some cleaning of my Squidoo Lenses and I turned my focus to all my Littlest Pet Shop Pages.  I have 3 of them: Littlest Pet Shop Toys and Gifts where you can find all the latest in Littlest Pet Shop Pets, Games, Bedding, Crafts, Books, Playsets and more. My daughter is a big fan of these and I have to say so am I – I really love the little Bobble Head Pets. The hardest thing for me to deal with is how to keep up with them all – there are so many of then and they are constantly making new ones. I did post some great handbooks that allow you to mark off the Littlest Pet Shop Pets you have. I think that is a great ideas for the fans.

littlest pet shop vips

Then one of my most popular pages is on the Littlest Pet Shop VIPs – these are the plush that comes with a code you can enter online and bring your pet to life in an online virtual world. Now I must say this one took the longest to clean up and it truly is now your Ultimate Guide to Littlest Pet Shop VIP Pets. There is nothing else out there like it.  I have added all the current and new Littlest Pet Shop VIPs on. I was also very surprised to find so many I had never seen before. MY daughter has two of these guys and loves them – she just got a cat a couple of weeks ago. New to me are the Littlest Pet Shop Surprise Pets, Littlest Pet Shop BFF’s and Friends. So if you are shopping for a VIP then you must stop by my page to see all of the choices available to you.

littlest pet shop party hat

Now of course I also have a Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Page as well. Where of course you will find everything you need to pull off this party theme. So if a party is in your future and Littlest Pet Shop is the theme then stop by and see all the goods.

So I think I am done updating for the day – it is Sunday and I should really be relaxing. This is the problem with working from home – your work is always here and it is so easy to just get online and go. Maybe I need to set some hours for myself? I will have to think about that one.



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4 responses to “New Littlest Pet Shop Toys

  1. JJ

    Lol I love these petshops too. Today I checked out the LPSO’s which is not uploaded completely. You should try it out and buy one and right now you can’t play just a demo. It’s called sneak peek but once it is fully uploaded it says that you get a specail supprise in your account… and some littlest pet shops come in big cases so you can put your lps in! I am glad that LPS has thought of doing such a thing because it’s so fun to collect them all.

  2. It seems like only yesterday there were only a handful of the VIPs available, now there must be like 50 including the new LPSOs. We never really got into the VIPs but we have one heck of a collection of Littlest Pet Shop Pets (over 1000) they kind of start multiplying once you get a few…
    anywat great site, I have bookmarked it for future reading.

  3. My daughter has tons of Littlest Pet Shop Pets and a couple of the VIPs – of course she is begging for the LPSO now. They have so much available it is hard to keep up. Thanks for coming by!!!

  4. HAHAHH!! i love them too! i have 3 vip pets dough. yoo know its werd becas pepol say dat yoo have to be six till sixten to have one .i am onley 7 so im lucky but i dont yoo ?

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