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I decided to highlight one of my Squidoo Pages today in light of my Anniversary and the one that I chose is Stuffed Animal Toy Organizers. This one is for all the parents out there who are like me, have kids and have allowed our homes to be over run by stuffed plush. This past year I did some research myself on what I could use to clean up the overflowing pile of stuffed animals in my daughter’s room that had been driving me CRAZY. I then found exactly what I was looking for and it is appropriately called The Zoo.  What I loved about what I saw was that it took up hardly any room, held a lot of stuffed animals and the fact that the plush was easily accessible to my daughter.

My Daughter's Stuffed Animals Before

My Daughter's Stuffed Animals Before

I have to add it has been everything I thought it would be and more.  I have never been happier about all those stuffed animals laying around having a home to call their own. I was also amazed to see my daughter playing with some that she has not seen in ages, because they were on the bottom of the pile previously.  So not only was it a gift to her, but I think it was more a gift to me. I have also shared photos on my Squidoo page of how we store and display all of her Webkinz and other great storage ideas.

So if you are looking to get out from under the Plush – trust me when I say this is your answer. Take a look for your self: Stuffed Animal Toy Organizers.


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  1. WOW… the Zoo looks like a perfect way to store kids toys! We are totally going to get one. P.S. Our recent favorite stuffed animal is a green creation made with recycled bottles! Check out our review;

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