My New York Bagels

NY Bagels

So I went back to Long Island New York for a visit to my cousins – I  grew up there.  One of the many foods I have to have when there is of course a New York Bagel.  So I did that and wrote a Hubpage on it; New York Bagels.  To me a NY Bagel is a little slice of heaven and there is nothing better. I am a Bagel lover and in PA they are just not the same at all.  The only place to get a good NY Bagel is in New York folks.

So on my visit I also got to eat some of my favorite Italian Cookies from the Bakery and White Castle. Of course I also had lots of great food cooked by my cousins. So in the two days I was there I probably gained 10 pounds.  The food in NY is the best and being with my Italian family and they way we eat is always great as well.  I have to say that is what I really miss about NY – the food. You New Yorkers know what I mean!!!!

So stop by and read about my Bagels – they really were yummy and I just found a place where I can order them online – so even better. I will now be mailing myself packages of Bagels from NY right to my door. No 4 hour trip is needed now -well ok I do have to get my fill on all the other good food.

If you love NY Bagels and live out of state or know someone who would love to receive some  –

Click here to visit New York Bagel Box- Order New York Bagels Online


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