The Best Baby Toys

I just finished updating my Squidoo baby Pages on some of the Best Baby Toys and Gifts and just in time for the 2009 Christmas Holiday Shopping. So whether you are shopping for your own baby or someone elses I have some great finds for you – so let me share.

zoobie pet monkey

Zoobie Pets – This is one of my favorites and wish these were around when my kids were younger. They are a Plush Animal, A Pillow and a Blanket all in one. They come in a large variety of choices and even sizes. The quality is amazing and I think this is such a great gift idea if you have a baby shower or birthday party to go to. They have also won many awards and have been featured on quite a few TV shows as well.  These are even a great blanket for the kids to carry along for nap time at preschool and great for car rides. So stop by check them out and add them to your shopping list.

fresh food baby feeder

The Fresh Food Baby Feeder – Again another great gift idea for a baby shower or to give a new mom. This was something I discovered when my kids were young and I swear by it.  If you are a mom  – this is a MUST have when it comes to feeding your child safely. The mesh bag on the feeder allows you to stick any food inside you want your baby to have and the mesh bag allows the food to come out in tiny pieces so that your baby will not choke.  So visit my page and see all the great ideas showing the many uses, recipes and tips for using these. I am telling you this is one of the best inventions when it comes to feeding your baby.

bathtub toys

Bathtub Toys – This is one of my favorite pages I have done. I love Bathtub toys and fun in the tub. Now do not forget the Rubber Ducky Too!!!  You will find lots of great toys the kids can play within the bathtub from Playsets, Bath Books, Boats, Rubber Duckies, Bath Toy Organizers, Musical Bath Toys and more… I think a lot of parents do not think about buying bathtub toys for gifts and the kids really love them. So think outside the box when shopping this holiday. You can never have enough toys to play with in the bathtub. These also make great baby shower gifts as well.

my first tools

My First Baby Toys – When my kids were babies my son had his 1st Tool Box – which were fun soft tools and a box he would carry them in and my daughter had her 1st Purse with the soft makeup and purse to carry them in.  I love all these toys and made a whole page to feature The Best My First Baby Toys.  You will not believe it, but there is a first for everything. So be the first to buy the first – did that make sense?  I think so. You will find, My first tool box, My first Purse, My first medical bag, My first cell phone, My first golf club etc…

potty training

Potty Training Help – Yes I made a page on Potty Training, but not only it it full of time and humor – you will find some of the coolest things that will help you out.  Believe it or not you can make Potty Training fun and you will find that out  – I feature some great ways to decorate your toilet, printable potty charts, Fun potty chairs for kids, tinkle targets and a lot more. So if you are getting ready to potty train your child, know someone who is or pulling your hair out trying – stop by and maybe I can help.


Winnie the Pooh Toys and Gifts – I think every baby have something with Winnie the Pooh – you just cannot avoid it. If you are a Winnie the Pooh lover and love all his friends than you will like my Winnie the Pooh page full of fun gifts and toys.  In addition to Pooh you will find all your other favorites like  Rabbit, Owl, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga & Roo and more.  So add some Pooh to your shopping list.

baby shower

Baby Shower Games – And lastly I would like to share my page on some of the Best Baby Shower Games.  If you are lucky enough to be involved in the planning and are reading this you will be so happy.  I have gathered some of the coolest games available and put them all in one spot.  If you are not the planner, but know someone who is – then pass it along to them.



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  2. I love the Fresh baby food feeder. I have never seen that before. That looks like a “must have” item when you’re on the go with the baby.

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