Vintage Fisher Price Little People Farm

Fisher price Farm

I just took a stroll down memory lane writing a Squidoo Lens on my Vintage Fisher Price Farm I had while growing up. It was another RocketMom Assignment where we had to write about a favorite Childhood Toy. I am still in shock that my favorite toy is now a vintage toy and I am feeling very old now.  That is me in the photo with my farm from 1973. I still have the Fisher Price Farm, not my original from the photo, but one I had bought at a local thrift store many years ago.  I wanted my kids to have one while they grew up. Some say they do not make them like they use to and I really think that is so true. Even though my kids also had the Fisher Price Animal Sounds Farm they still played with this one as well. It brings back so many memories for me and I really loved playing with this farm.

I know  many collect them and some of the pieces are getting hard to find. My current farm from the thrift store is missing the Silo – I am thinking about buying one to complete it and have it for my kids to pass down to their kids one day.

farm 2

On my page that I wrote I have some great photos, all the pieces you can purchase and even an inside tour of the Fisher Price Barn.  If you played with one of these or are collecting them you must stop by and take a stroll down memory lane with me. Come on………….

So come take a look – Here.


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