What happened to Trick or Treating being on Halloween Only?

Halloween Trick or Treating

I have to get this out so I figured I would do it here on my blog. Is it me or does anyone else see Trick or Treating on many nights besides Halloween is just wrong? Some think that Trick or Treating is just wrong to begin with and that it is just begging for candy. I do not think that – it is just a fun tradition for the kids and they enjoy parading in their costumes door to door.  BUT when did it get decided that Trick or Treat night should be on more than one night and not even on Halloween in some neighborhoods? That is what I think is so wrong and greedy.

I grew up in NY and as a child we Trick or Treated on Halloween only – October 31st no matter what day of the week it was. If it was a school day we ran home changed into our costumes and off we went. There were no times set or special tricks of lights being on or off – we just went door to door. If someone answered it was a Bonus. There were no crazy rules involved – it was just fun.

trick or treat

Then once I had my own children and moved to a new state  – now in PA things changed so much from those times. I live in a rural area and where my house is kids do not Trick or Treat because the houses are just too far apart so we travel to my in laws neighborhood so the kids can Trick or Treat with their cousins, but I can remember my sister in law telling me I can choose what day I could bring the kids I was so taken back.  She told me they do Trick or Treat Night two nights and for the life of me I can not figure out why to this day. I was like so you mean parents have to buy all that candy to give out twice? Yup that is true, but if you choose not to participate you just shut off your porch light – WHAT?

To me this is just wrong wrong wrong!!! Halloween is on October 31st and that is it – not the entire week. Kids do not need all that candy anyway. Why did this happen? What made this change occur?

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In addition to that my kid’s elementary school does not even allow the kids to dress in their costumes or have a parade like I had when I was a child.  I remember that being something I looked forward to every year as well. Going to school changing into my costume and parading around for all my school mates to see and having my parents come and watch. BUT nope not here and why? I heard something about religious views being an issue. WHAT? Give me a break – if that is an issue then keep your kids home that day, but do not ruin it for every one else. The kicker here though – once the kids get into Middle School then can go dressed. Is it me or is something wrong here? Do religious views change once your in Middle School? When has Halloween been a religious holiday anyway?

This is one of those things that gets me worked up every year Halloween comes around.  I just got fired up last night when my son’s friends father asked if we would come to his neighborhood this year to take the kids Trick or Treating on Thursday night. Uh Halloween is on Saturday this year!!! See my point.  And now I have my own kids saying – we can go there on Thursday, Our town on Friday and to our cousins on Saturday – I don’t think so!!!

I would love to hear what you think – tell me by leaving a comment.



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16 responses to “What happened to Trick or Treating being on Halloween Only?

  1. I would think that once is enough. For people that do participate, it kinda takes away from it, and for people that don’t participate, it just means that there is more days that they have to hide in their houses and not answer the door.

    If it’s one day a year, people know what to expect.

  2. You are so right!!! Thanks for commenting

  3. I agree with you, here in Canada and to my knowledge it is only the one day October 31st as it should be. Changing the date of it is just ridiculous. October 31 is Halloween, always was always will be. Stick to it! Or else we can change Christmas to whatever day we want to as well. I actually have a youtube vid on one of my lenses from National Geographic which is very enlightening too.

  4. True True True – I use to watch this Elmo video with my kids where Elmo wished it was Christmas every day of the year so his wish came true. So what happened? It was horrible and took the magic out of it – I think this is what is happening with Halloween.

  5. Dan

    I completely agree, I think it is ridiculous that a holiday has to be extended to multiple days so kids can cover more ground and not miss anything. that’s just teaching the kids greed it also takes the fun out of Halloween, running from house to house with your friends covering the neighborhood, if people didn’t answer there doors….Trick time…ha ha ha . anyway kids don’t need that much candy. Should we extend Christmas to a few days in case the kids didn’t get everything they asked for?

  6. I saw your post on RocketMoms.

    In our town, the kids have one night to trick-or-treat. And it is generally Halloween night. I think it runs 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. If Halloween is on a week night, then the town will generally schedule the Halloween parade for a different evening.

    Three hours on Halloween night is more then enough time for the kids to get their share of Halloween treats!

    If the little ones want to parade around town in their costumes, that is great. But, parents should explain that treats are only passed out on Halloween night.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad I am not the only one with this thinking. It is driving me nuts.

  8. I also came over from RocketMoms. So far this isnt’ happening here. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In Paso Robles, where we hand out the treats, the little ones start coming at dusk. I don’t mind the little ones in their costumes. What I mind is the big ones who come later with no costumes just to get candy. I don’t so much mind the big brothers and sisters who a taking their little siblings out — they deserve treats. But we have teens coming even after 9, no costumes, alone or in groups. Now I turn the porch light off when it appears most of the small children have gone. We don’t actually live in this house, so when it looks like the little ones have been served, we go home and leave the house dark. So far we haven’t been “tricked.”

  9. I think the older kids who go out is wrong as well – it really is something for younger kids to enjoy. I say those kids should feel embarrassed to ring a door bell.

  10. I agree there should only be one night of Trick or Treating. We only have one night around here, but it’s not always on Halloween. Our county does trick or treat on Sunday afternoon, instead of at night, so it’s safer for kids.

  11. Eileen

    I agree……one night….whatever day October 31st falls on is the day they should trick or treat…….that’s how it was when I was growing up. I don’t like this two day trick or treating! I don’t see it changing here anytime soon though……….unfortunately……….

  12. Thanks for the reply Ei – it is your neighborhood that started me on this rant – it is just not right

  13. MrsApril

    who cares. If people wanna participate 4 nights a week thats great! Turn your lights off if you hate it. Big deal. I remember as a kid there was a thing called “beggers night” Nov. 1st where kids come to get leftovers.

  14. MrsApril

    As for the older kids, I don’t mind giving candy to anyone who is brave and fun enough to come trick or treating.

  15. I just think more than one night is too much – Do you think Christmas should be 4 nights? That is my point.

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