Pre-Kindergarten Student gets kicked out of Class due to Long Hair

So I am watching Fox News this morning and sipping my coffee and this news report comes on about a 4-year-old Pre-Kindergarten Student that has been kicked out of his classroom due to long hair. Now the school has a dress code policy which has certain guidelines about hair length and style.  Obviously his does not meet the guidelines. So for that this child has been pulled from his classroom and must spend his day in the library away from the other students.  He is more than welcome to go back and join his class if his mother was to have his hair trimmed.  So now I watch the mother get interviewed and state she will not cut his hair, but wants him to have an education. She says he likes his long hair and so does the family.

Now I sat there and thought about this a bit. First it started with – It is not right to be told what style hair you are or not allowed to have. So what if he has longhair.  How can then do this to the poor child.

Then I thought – Well they do have a Dress Code that had been read and signed upon registering your child to the school.  I know if I sent my kids to school in their underwear that would be wrong. Or of I sent my kids to school with teased out hair sprayed Orange – they would probably get sent home.  I don’t do those things because I know it is not allowed.

What gets me is this – The parents seem more concerned about the kids hair then him being in his classroom. He is only 4 years old and I am sure not all about his hair. It only requires a trim, but yet they would rather him sit in the library all day – not truly understanding what is going on. What will that do to him? How do they think that makes him feel – he is too young to understand the whole picture.

I understand there point and I would be upset by it as well, but the school has rules and they are what they are. I do not think the kid looks bad with his hair the way it is, but it is school policy. I would really be thinking about my child and how this is making him feel being ostracized and not about myself at this point.

I would love to know what you think?


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4 responses to “Pre-Kindergarten Student gets kicked out of Class due to Long Hair

  1. AJ

    Hmmmmm – am responding as the Mum of four. What I am thinking is that the parents knew the rules. They signed up to them when they applied for the child’s place at the Kindergarten. By making that application they were saying they agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

    So they want their child to have an education? Well by their actions they are teaching their child that it is OK to agree to anything to get what you want, but once you have got what you want then you don’t have to play by the rules.

    They are teaching their child that rules don’t apply to their family. They can flout them when they feel like it. Rules are for other people.

    Then the parents will wonder where they went wrong when he is in his teens (or possibly sooner) and totally unwilling to conform to anything, including THEIR rules!

    As someone who works with children and their families, I see it all the time. You spell it out. You say this is how it is going to be. They say, yes that’s fine, we totally agree and then there’s always some that think it does not apply to them.

    My sympathy is with the school and the little boy who at four years old is getting mixed messages from his parents.

  2. The parents certainly aren’t teaching their child about obedience to authority, which likely will come back to bite them in the future. Rules are rules and we must comply with them (or work to get them changed) to “fit in” with society. Withdraw the child from that school and enroll him in a school with a different hair policy if it’s that important to you, parents.

  3. Thanks for sharing your opinion and I feel the same way.

  4. I know it is crazy and the school has to deal with these people and the poor boy has to deal with them too – lol. I just hope they open their eyes before they damage their poor child.

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