Christmas Aftermath my Cat has Cancer

Ahhhh Christmas is over and now it is the calm after the storm. The kids were very happy with all their gifts this year and now they stay busy playing while they have off from school. They have been so busy that not once have they asked to have friends over – now that surprises me. So many new things to play with I guess.

On the down side just before Christmas on the 21st my cat Bugsy who is 15 years old was diagnosed with Cancer.  Not what I was expecting to hear when we brought him to the vet. He has oral squamous cell carcinoma and it is one of those cancers that is not good – not that any ever are.  I chose not to get a biopsy due to the fact of his age and that the Cancer is under his tongue in the lower jaw and even if it was 100% confirmed there is no treatment that will cure it. On top of that Bugsy has Feline HIV which does not help his situation either. So right now I have meds and pain killers to help keep him comfortable until it is time. I hate this part of being a pet owner. Right now he is still eating, drinking and purring, but it will not be long at all before I have to make that dreaded decision.  I just know I do not want him to continue to suffer in any way. I am currently working on a Squidoo Lens dedicated to him and this horrible Cancer and maybe I can help others be aware of this before it is too late.

So the calm after the storm will not last here in my house for I feel that 2010 is not going to start off on the right note for me. In addition to that my Senior Dog Bailey is also just about 15 and her time is nearing as well.  I have to tell myself that they are spoiled rotten, well taken care of and have had great lives. Many pet owners do not get to say their animals have lived so long. Can you tell I am writing to help ease my pain? Sometimes writing helps me do that. I would rather be writing about parties right now vs. my pets and this part of their lives.

I will keep you all up to date and post the dedication link here when it is complete – not easy to write for me.

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