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Stuff a Plush Birthday Party


Are your kids asking to have a Build a Bear Birthday Party? Build a Bear can be so much fun, but it can also be very expensive to bring a group of  kids.  You can consider having  a Build a Bear Theme Party at home and save some money and I can tell you how.  At www.The Party Animal.org (who is me) you will find one of the largest selections of stuffable plush. There is something for every theme whether you want to Stuff a Pink Poodle, A Cat, A Bear, A Unicorn, A Dog, A Doll etc…  I have it.  The hardest part is going to be what you choose, but if you already have a theme it will make it a lot easier.


I provide you with everything you need – With Each Stuff a Plush Kit you get the Plush, Stuffing, Birth Certificate (which I can personalize at no extra charge), a Wishing Star and all the directions needed. There is no sewing required – all plush have a simple closure of Velcro or a Zipper.  The other difference between Build a Bear and my plush is that the kids get to stuff them by hand which is so much fun for them. Oh and did I mention the Stuffable plush will also double as your party favor for even more party savings. So now you have a party activity and a party favor all in one – it does not get any better than that. I ship anywhere!!!

TShirt decorate Me

I  offer 2 sizes of plush – full size being 16″ and also Mini Plush which are 8″ so there is something for every budget as well. If this is something you are considering for your party then I highly suggest checking out my website to see all of the great choices available. You can also add on a T-Shirt to decorate and I offer a large selections of outfits to fit the plush as well.  So many choices!!!

Think how much easier and less expensive it will be to host this party yourself and avoid having to figure out how you will get all those kids to the mall. It is so easy to do and I will walk you threw all the steps you need to help you along.

TZ Monkey

I will work with you any way I can to make sure your Child’s Birthday Party is the best ever. If you need game ideas or anything else – just ask – it is what I do and I always love a good challenge. Consider me your personal Party Planner without the extra charge and why do I offer that? Because I love what I do and it makes me happy to know I have helped make a child happy.

For more of my Birthday Party Ideas check out my Party Blog: Children’s Birthday Parties and stop by my website www.ThePartyAnimal.org.

You can also join my Birthday Parties for Kids forum and ask questions, make friends and get more party ideas.


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partyanimallogo2www.ThePartyAnimal.org is really where it all starts for me in my party business. I was so proud to have started my own business doing what it is I love and that is keeping young and planning parties for the kids.  I have always been a very creative person who can get an idea and run with it. I think that is what parents like about my planning. The other thing that is big for me is that I hate the same old thing. I try to always make sure every party is different – I do not care to have the same party as my neighbor. I also do a lot of custom work as well – like posters and hand painted clothing on request. I will really do just about anything for parents when it comes to parties.

Stuff a Plush Party

Stuff a Plush Party

The biggest part of my party business is the Stuffable Plush – similar to Build a Bear the children get to stuff the plush at their homes for a fraction of the cost of going to a store to do so. I normally do not host the parties, but provide parents with everything they need to do so themselves. It not only saves money, but the kids love to have the kids in their homes. Some parents steer away from the home parties due to not wanting kids running all over the place being destructive. I say OK – BUT if you have planned activities that will not happen – that only happens to the un-organized parents.

I work with anyone anywhere – I ship products the least expensive way and will work with parents on a budget. Being a parent myself I know all about saving money. Parties can really get out of hand. The kids really enjoy making their own stuffed toy and then that toy becomes a party favor as well. I also have Pajamas the kids can decorate, as well as T-Shirts for their new friends which makes yet another activity for the party. The stuff-able plush end of it is endless and there are so many themes you can do utilizing them. The other good thing is that I can get pretty much anything a parent is looking for when it comes to that. Not everything is on my website – there is just so much. I will work with the parents to figure out what the best products are for their party and budget.

The other hottest party going right now is the Webkinz Birthday Party Theme and you can read about that also right here on my blog or by visiting my website. I must also note The Party Animal is not affiliated in any way with the Ganz company. We just provide parents with all the tools they need to have a special Birthay party for their children without going crazy.

and the winner is?

and the winner is?

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