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Christmas Cupcakes

With Christmas right around the corner you may be looking for some great ideas and recipes to make some fun Holiday Cupcakes. If that is the case then you will want to check out my Squidoo Page on Christmas Holiday Cupcakes where I share lots of great ideas for making some fun festive cupcakes you can easily make with the kids.

You will find Directions on How to make:

  • Santa Cupcakes
  • Reindeer Cupcakes
  • Snowman Cupcakes
  • Penguin Cupcakes
  • Gingerbread Man Cupcakes

And lots of other fun ideas and treats for your Holiday Christmas Party including matching Holiday Party Supplies to go with each of them. So come check it out and have some fun baking with this kids this holiday season.

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Halloween is Creeping up upon us Fast

Painted Dog Pumpkin

Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have your costume picked and ready to go? My kids are almost ready – My daughter wants to be a Wizard Witch – that is a cross between a Wizard and a Witch obviously. She is wearing a very sparkly Witch costume we bought on clearance last year and will carry a wand. It is what she wants – so I am all for it. My son wants to be a stick figure – is that funny? It is so easy to make. I got him a Black Shirt and Black Sweat pants – cost me $11.  Now I have to find the Glow in the Dark Masking Tape and then just tape it on the shirt and pants and he is done. Seems too easy for me this year – but I am so not complaining.

I still have yet to carve or paint my pumpkins. The picture you see above is my Painted Dog Pumpkin I made last year – isn’t he cute? I wrote a Hubpage all about Pumpkin Carving Alternatives you can take a look at to see some of the other ones we made last year.  I have not decided which approach I will take this year. I did grow my own Pumpkins for the first time this year and got a few good ones in some fun shapes.

window blood

I am guilty this year of not taking out my Halloween Decorations – I have been so busy I just have not found the time. I do have some festive fall decor outside my home, but usually the inside is filled with decorations. The kids have not said anything so I do not see the urgency of going in the attic at this point to get them out. I did make a great Squidoo page all about Halloween Window Decorations and was hoping to get some myself, but sometimes life can be too busy – so I guess next year. In my area the kids do not trick or treat at my house because it is too rural so no one will be coming to see them anyway.

Child Toilet Costume
I do have to share my favorite Halloween Costume I have seen this year – I am not sure why I like this one, but it really made me laugh. Have you seen the Toilet Costume? I think this is great and so wrong all at the same time – so for me it is the perfect costume if you have it in you to wear it. Was that a Pun? I have to say if you want attention at your Halloween Party then this is one that will no doubt bring it on.

Halloween is that time of year that tells us once we get through that – Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner and to me that is the scariest thing about it. Those holidays I am totally not ready for at all!!!

Here are some other Halloween Pages I have Written you may like to see:

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Pinatas

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Twilight Scene It Game is a Hot Seller

twilight scene it game

Have you seen the new Twilight Scene It Game yet? Well it happens to be one of the Hottest Games for Christmas 2009.  I have never really played any of the Scene It Games myself, but they are so popular and Twilight Scene It has many people buying. The Twilight Movies and The New Moon Movie have been so liked by many and this game will test fans  knowledge of the movies, books and more through interactive trivia. It is a great game for the kids to play when hanging out or for the entire family.


Here is the Game Description:

The dazzling Twilight DVD trivia game with heart-stopping movie clips! Scene It? Twilight Edition features hundreds of clips, trivia questions and on-screen puzzlers from the Twilight movie phenomenon! Race your friends around the board to be the first to enter the Twilightning Round and find out who knows the most about this riveting saga. Scene It? is more than Twilight trivia. Experience customized mini-games and bonus activities that will challenge your observation, memory and puzzle solving skills and that are unique to Scene It? Twilight Edition. This game will quench your thirst for more Bella, Edward, Jacob and the gang while you relive your favorite Twilight moments again and again!

You can get the Scene It games in so many of your favorite shows and movies and I think they would make for some fun gaming nights. I do not consider myself an expert in too many of them, but I would sure like to try and may be getting one of the many titles for under my tree this year.  Sad to say, but I think either the Disney Scene it or Nickelodeon Scene It games may be more my speed since that is all that is ever on the TV in my house with the kids. All I know right now is the Twilight Game is selling like HOT cakes – so if you or anyone you know is a fan – this is the perfect gift for the holiday. To all the Scene It Games available – take a look : Scene It Game Titles.

You can also visit my page on Hot Toys for 2009 and see what some of the other Top Sellers are for this holiday.

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What happened to Trick or Treating being on Halloween Only?

Halloween Trick or Treating

I have to get this out so I figured I would do it here on my blog. Is it me or does anyone else see Trick or Treating on many nights besides Halloween is just wrong? Some think that Trick or Treating is just wrong to begin with and that it is just begging for candy. I do not think that – it is just a fun tradition for the kids and they enjoy parading in their costumes door to door.  BUT when did it get decided that Trick or Treat night should be on more than one night and not even on Halloween in some neighborhoods? That is what I think is so wrong and greedy.

I grew up in NY and as a child we Trick or Treated on Halloween only – October 31st no matter what day of the week it was. If it was a school day we ran home changed into our costumes and off we went. There were no times set or special tricks of lights being on or off – we just went door to door. If someone answered it was a Bonus. There were no crazy rules involved – it was just fun.

trick or treat

Then once I had my own children and moved to a new state  – now in PA things changed so much from those times. I live in a rural area and where my house is kids do not Trick or Treat because the houses are just too far apart so we travel to my in laws neighborhood so the kids can Trick or Treat with their cousins, but I can remember my sister in law telling me I can choose what day I could bring the kids I was so taken back.  She told me they do Trick or Treat Night two nights and for the life of me I can not figure out why to this day. I was like so you mean parents have to buy all that candy to give out twice? Yup that is true, but if you choose not to participate you just shut off your porch light – WHAT?

To me this is just wrong wrong wrong!!! Halloween is on October 31st and that is it – not the entire week. Kids do not need all that candy anyway. Why did this happen? What made this change occur?

Picture 009

In addition to that my kid’s elementary school does not even allow the kids to dress in their costumes or have a parade like I had when I was a child.  I remember that being something I looked forward to every year as well. Going to school changing into my costume and parading around for all my school mates to see and having my parents come and watch. BUT nope not here and why? I heard something about religious views being an issue. WHAT? Give me a break – if that is an issue then keep your kids home that day, but do not ruin it for every one else. The kicker here though – once the kids get into Middle School then can go dressed. Is it me or is something wrong here? Do religious views change once your in Middle School? When has Halloween been a religious holiday anyway?

This is one of those things that gets me worked up every year Halloween comes around.  I just got fired up last night when my son’s friends father asked if we would come to his neighborhood this year to take the kids Trick or Treating on Thursday night. Uh Halloween is on Saturday this year!!! See my point.  And now I have my own kids saying – we can go there on Thursday, Our town on Friday and to our cousins on Saturday – I don’t think so!!!

I would love to hear what you think – tell me by leaving a comment.


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Been Busy on Hubpages

So I have also been busy building up my Hubpages as well and I have added four more Hubpages in the past couple weeks.  So now I am at a total of 21 and hope to double by the end of the year. My goal is to be at 40. I like to write about a variety of things there – not just one niche at this time. I am just having fun writing about the things that interest me and making some money along the way never hurts. So here is what I have been up to:

elmo hands

Elmo Says Wash your Hands – I decided to write about the new Ad campaign going on with Elmo from Sesame Street. For one I am a Elmo fan – that is right I admit it. I am a grown up who likes Elmo – Is that wrong? Nah. The second reason is because I really like what he is doing and his new job of helping spread the importance of proper hand washing and how to correctly sneeze and cough without spreading germs to others. I think the more attention to this the better for us all – even if it has to come from Elmo. With the Swine Flu and Flu season looming over us all I think any extra attention to proper hygiene the better. See all the Ads and read more at my Hub.


Hannah Montana Room Decor – My daughter is a big Miley Cyrus Fan and a fan of her show Hannah Montana so I decided to write about all of the great Room Decor available. I am not surprised that Disney has covered every area in that market and you can see it all on my Hub. The thing I like about all the bedding is that it is sophisticated and the colors are really nice. I have also added some great videos showing girls reactions to their newly decorated Hannah Montana Bedrooms – it is priceless.

toy hamster

Toy Hamsters –  Zhu Zhu Pets are one of the most sought after toys this 209 Holiday Season and I wanted to share that there are other fun Toy Hamsters on the market in addition to them.  So you will see all the fun Toy Hamsters I have found and I believe I have found a very nice selection in addition to the Zhu “>Zhu Zhu Pets. So take a look and if you have a hard time getting the Zhu Zhu Pets know you have other options to make your child smile this Christmas.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Being a fan of the original story written by Judi Barret – I decided to write about the upcoming movie.  I think this new 3D Animation will be a big hit with kids and adults of all ages. The book was great and I think the movie will also live up to that. I have also added some of the Toys and Games that come along with the movie like all of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Video Games.  So stop by and see what it will be like if Meatballs fell from the sky. I think it would be quite tasty.

JUST ADDEDCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Birthday Party – I came up with some great ideas based on the movie on my Party Blog. It is all about Meatballs and Food and great game ideas. Have you ever seen a Meatball Pinata? Come and see.

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Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters


So my daughter sees a commercial for these Zhu Zhu Pets which are battery operated Hamsters that are suppose to be life like.  Of course she is already begging to have them, but I told her she would have to wait until Christmas. So I looked them up to see exactly what they were and what they did. So I did what I do best and I wrote about them to help other parents learn all about them. You can see my page here: Zhu Zhu Pets. They are very similar to the FurReal Friends Pet line in the way that they come alive with movement, sounds and by touch.

The thing that I really like about these Hamsters is that my daughter has wanted a real one for some time now and it is just not possible in a house of 6 cats. My cats would end up hurting a live hamster and how devastating would that be to her?  This may just fit the bill for now. I also like how they will move freely and play in their habitat of toys you can purchase to go along with them.  But the best part really is no cage cleaning or funky Hamster smells to deal with.

zhu zhu pets

There are a lot of playsets to go with them like Tunnels, Slides, Hamster Balls and more. So you can build a great place for them to play and add on pieces  just like you could with a real Hamster Habitat. These are just being released now under the name Zhu Zhu Pets where as I believe they were once called Go Go Pets. I think with the advertising and the hype being out out there they will no doubt be a Hot Toy for 2009 Holiday Shopping.

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The Best Baby Toys

I just finished updating my Squidoo baby Pages on some of the Best Baby Toys and Gifts and just in time for the 2009 Christmas Holiday Shopping. So whether you are shopping for your own baby or someone elses I have some great finds for you – so let me share.

zoobie pet monkey

Zoobie Pets – This is one of my favorites and wish these were around when my kids were younger. They are a Plush Animal, A Pillow and a Blanket all in one. They come in a large variety of choices and even sizes. The quality is amazing and I think this is such a great gift idea if you have a baby shower or birthday party to go to. They have also won many awards and have been featured on quite a few TV shows as well.  These are even a great blanket for the kids to carry along for nap time at preschool and great for car rides. So stop by check them out and add them to your shopping list.

fresh food baby feeder

The Fresh Food Baby Feeder – Again another great gift idea for a baby shower or to give a new mom. This was something I discovered when my kids were young and I swear by it.  If you are a mom  – this is a MUST have when it comes to feeding your child safely. The mesh bag on the feeder allows you to stick any food inside you want your baby to have and the mesh bag allows the food to come out in tiny pieces so that your baby will not choke.  So visit my page and see all the great ideas showing the many uses, recipes and tips for using these. I am telling you this is one of the best inventions when it comes to feeding your baby.

bathtub toys

Bathtub Toys – This is one of my favorite pages I have done. I love Bathtub toys and fun in the tub. Now do not forget the Rubber Ducky Too!!!  You will find lots of great toys the kids can play within the bathtub from Playsets, Bath Books, Boats, Rubber Duckies, Bath Toy Organizers, Musical Bath Toys and more… I think a lot of parents do not think about buying bathtub toys for gifts and the kids really love them. So think outside the box when shopping this holiday. You can never have enough toys to play with in the bathtub. These also make great baby shower gifts as well.

my first tools

My First Baby Toys – When my kids were babies my son had his 1st Tool Box – which were fun soft tools and a box he would carry them in and my daughter had her 1st Purse with the soft makeup and purse to carry them in.  I love all these toys and made a whole page to feature The Best My First Baby Toys.  You will not believe it, but there is a first for everything. So be the first to buy the first – did that make sense?  I think so. You will find, My first tool box, My first Purse, My first medical bag, My first cell phone, My first golf club etc…

potty training

Potty Training Help – Yes I made a page on Potty Training, but not only it it full of time and humor – you will find some of the coolest things that will help you out.  Believe it or not you can make Potty Training fun and you will find that out  – I feature some great ways to decorate your toilet, printable potty charts, Fun potty chairs for kids, tinkle targets and a lot more. So if you are getting ready to potty train your child, know someone who is or pulling your hair out trying – stop by and maybe I can help.


Winnie the Pooh Toys and Gifts – I think every baby have something with Winnie the Pooh – you just cannot avoid it. If you are a Winnie the Pooh lover and love all his friends than you will like my Winnie the Pooh page full of fun gifts and toys.  In addition to Pooh you will find all your other favorites like  Rabbit, Owl, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga & Roo and more.  So add some Pooh to your shopping list.

baby shower

Baby Shower Games – And lastly I would like to share my page on some of the Best Baby Shower Games.  If you are lucky enough to be involved in the planning and are reading this you will be so happy.  I have gathered some of the coolest games available and put them all in one spot.  If you are not the planner, but know someone who is – then pass it along to them.


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Hot Toys for Christmas 2009


I just updated my Squidoo Lens on Hot Toys for 2009 and there are some very cool new toys out on the market for this holiday season. I will continue to add on as I find more. I like to do research on some of the hottest and newest toys that have been seen at the Toy Fair and that is what I base a lot of my choices on. Some of my personal favorites for 2009 are: Elmo’s Tickle Hands, Rubik’s Touch Cube, Mindflex Game, LeapFrog Zippity and the Genuine Monkeez. Again I will continue to add to the list as the 2009 Holiday Season gets closer and I find more of the latest in toys to share. I hope someone leaves me some cool toys under the tree this year – I would love to dance with Elmo Tickle Hands – lol.


I have also updated my lens on The Penguins of Madagascar. Those penguins are so funny and I am so glad they are now on their own show on Nickelodeon – they really deserved to Branch off. I feel they made the Madagascar movies. There is a new video game coming out for this holiday called: Mad Karts of Madagascar and will be available for all the game platforms this fall.  I am so excited – I may have to have that. I love penguins and so does my daughter which is why we just had her a Penguin Birthday Party – so maybe I can buy this new game and use her as the excuse to play. Hmmmmmm

school locker decorations

I added a few new things to my Decorating your School Locker Lens which seems to have picked up a bit in traffic since school is starting now. I have to say I am mad that these cool things were not around when I was in school. You can really transform a school locker into your own showcase. I would have loved that. You can now find Locker Bins and Organizers, Magnetic Wall Paper, Cool Storage and more. I feel so left out, but I am not going back to school – I will just have to live through my own children now.

So as you can see I am freshening up some of my Squidoo Lenses to get them up to date and ready for the 2009 Holiday Shopping Season. So you will see posts from me as I do that. I think this holiday will be much harder for all of us with the current economy, but if you shop early and shop the sales that will definitely help. Always looks for online coupon codes – just google it before putting in your order – every little bit helps.

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Everything Elmo


I just updated my Squidoo Lens called All About Elmo and it now includes all the latest Elmo Toys for your Christmas 2009 shopping. One new product that is out for this year and will no doubt be one of those must haves like the Elmo Live was last year is Elmo’s Tickle Hands. The kids stick these hands on and listen to the new Elmo song called the Tickle Hand Groove. The kids will have so much fun as they feel the glove4s vibrate and say funny sayings from Elmo. In addition to the gloves you also get a DVD that will interact and teach the kids the new dance moves.

In addition to those you will also find of course Elmo Live, Elmo Books, Elmo Bedding, Elmo Birthday Party Supplies, Party Favors, Invitations, Elmo Games, Elmo Shirts and so much more. It really is All about Elmo.

Even though my kids are grown and the Elmo stage is done in my home – there is something about the Furry Read Monster from Sesame Street that I will always love. Maybe it is his contagious Giggle.

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