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How to have a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme

So last year it was Webkinz and now this year it is Zhu Zhu Pets – funny how things change so quickly and we move from one toy to the next.  It is just how things go and when the kids are obsessed with a new toy they will soon be asking you to throw them a party based on that theme. Again just like last year when Webkinz were all the craze there was no Birthday Party Supplies available to go along with them and this year with the Zhu Zhu Pets it is the same thing.  I helped so many parents last year with my Webfriendz Birthday Party Package based on a Webkinz Theme so this year I am helping again.

I worked really hard and put together a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme on my Party Blog to help parents in this situation. I am happy with how it turned out and I think I will be thanked again. I came up with the perfect Party Supplies, Invitations, Party Favors, Cake and Cupcake Ideas, Crafts and even created a bunch of  fun Zhu Zhu Pet Party Games and more.  It is not easy planning a party when there is nothing available out there to help  – well now there is and it is all laid out for you from start to finish. I plan to make sure my post is updated with all the latest party supplies as I find them. I just know once Christmas is past and the kids have their toys that parents will be scrambling as Birthdays come around. I have seen it happen before – so I did what I do best and took away that worry.

Click the link below to visit my post and be worry free:

Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party


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Stuffed Animal Organizers

stuffed animal organizer

With the holidays  approaching us and all those new Stuffed Animals that will be given to your kids – you may want to think about where you are going to put them all.  Every year before Christmas I go through my kids toys and weed out what they do not play with any more. I usually donate them by bringing them to a local store which accepts them or I have been also going on Craigslist or Freecycle and asking if there may be a needy family that could use some toys. I know this year there we be a lot of them. It is a good way to also get the kids to part with some of their things. Knowing they are donating to a good cause and giving a toy to a child that may not otherwise have any is a good lesson for them.

My Daughter's Stuffed Aniamls Before

My Daughter's Stuffed Animals Before

Even with all the donations my daughter loves her Stuffed Animals and Plush and does have quite a bit of them she still cannot part with. This past year I discovered one of the best ways to organize them and it is with a product called The Zoo. The picture above shows her stuffed animals now organized and easily accessible for her to play with. I keep writing about this to get the word out to other parents for this has made such a huge difference in keeping them all neat and tidy. It also makes it easier for my daughter to find and play with them now vs. being all in a big bucket.

I have written all about it here:  Stuffed Animal Toy Organizers and you can also see other ideas for storing and displaying all those Webkinz and smaller plush your kids may have too. They are all my own pictures shown and what I am using myself. Trust me I am the parent where everything has a home and when it does I am very happy. You will also be happy when you see you have great options. I know you will thank me.

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Have you ever made a Pizza on the BBQ?

Grilled Pizza on the BBQ

I would have never thought you can make pizza on a BBQ. After seeing so many great recipes and shows on them doing this I wanted to give it a try. Let me tell you it was sooo delicious and easy to do. I of course documented step by step instructions with photos of us making our pizzas and wrote a HubPage on how to do it. You can see it here:  Grilled Pizza on the BBQ I am having fun lately sharing recipes and taking pictures each step of the way. For me I need pictures when I make a recipe – it helps show what the end result will be.  My family makes fun of me with that, but it is just how I am. I cannot be excited about a recipe in a book if there is no picture to drool over. So when I share my cooking and recipes it is so important to share what it looks like and you will see no lack of that from me.

So stop by and check it out and try something new for Pizza Night. I know we will do this one again and the kids love to help with adding all the toppings too!!!

So what toppings did I choose for our Pizza’s? You will have to look and see. WARNING: Looking at my recipe will no doubt make you hungry.

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The Party Animal at eHow

So I decided I would start writing articles on header_logo Since I do a lot of things it is yet another avenue for me to write and even earn some money from doing so. So I added my very first article yesterday :

How to make a Cat Birthday Party Theme Favor Cup

Cat Birthday Party Favor

Cat Birthday Party Favor

I plan to add many more from my party planning to my crafts – so keep watching. If you want to see the whole party plan for a Cat Themed Birthday Party – then Click Here.

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