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How to have a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme

So last year it was Webkinz and now this year it is Zhu Zhu Pets – funny how things change so quickly and we move from one toy to the next.  It is just how things go and when the kids are obsessed with a new toy they will soon be asking you to throw them a party based on that theme. Again just like last year when Webkinz were all the craze there was no Birthday Party Supplies available to go along with them and this year with the Zhu Zhu Pets it is the same thing.  I helped so many parents last year with my Webfriendz Birthday Party Package based on a Webkinz Theme so this year I am helping again.

I worked really hard and put together a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme on my Party Blog to help parents in this situation. I am happy with how it turned out and I think I will be thanked again. I came up with the perfect Party Supplies, Invitations, Party Favors, Cake and Cupcake Ideas, Crafts and even created a bunch of  fun Zhu Zhu Pet Party Games and more.  It is not easy planning a party when there is nothing available out there to help  – well now there is and it is all laid out for you from start to finish. I plan to make sure my post is updated with all the latest party supplies as I find them. I just know once Christmas is past and the kids have their toys that parents will be scrambling as Birthdays come around. I have seen it happen before – so I did what I do best and took away that worry.

Click the link below to visit my post and be worry free:

Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party


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My latest Birthday Party Theme’s

So I have been busy with some new Birthday Party Themes on my Party Blog. My focus has been on the boys, but the party themes can go either way. Here is what I have been up to:

nascar birthday party supplies

Nascar Birthday Party Theme – Nascar is so popular so I have put together some great ideas for the Nascar Fans.  It seemed that the Hot Wheels Birthday Party Theme was so popular I decided there was a nice amount of kids out there that also love everything to do with Nascar.  You will find your Nascar Party Supplies, Invitations, Party Favor Ideas, Nascar Birthday Cake Ideas and more all in one stop. So the race is on to see how fast you can get planning.

dump truck invitation

Construction Birthday Party Theme –  A friend of mine inspired this post with a party she had for her son’s 1st Birthday. I have shared a lot of really great ideas that she used for her party combined with my own. You will find of course all of your Construction Party Supplies, How to make a Dump Truck Invitation, Decoration Ideas, Dump Truck Party Favors,  Games, How to make a Construction Site Cake and a Payloader Cake and many more great ideas that are fun and unique.

Fire Truck Pinata

Fire Truck Birthday Party Theme –  Are you looking to have a Firefighter Birthday Party theme? Then you must see my post – it is one of my favorites. I have gathered all of the best Fire Truck Party Supplies, Invitations, Favors, Game Ideas, Fire Truck Birthday Party Cake Ideas all for you to see.  You will will even find Stuffable Dalmatians and Dalmatians Cupcake Ideas. There is no doubt this post is on FIRE and full of everything you need to pull this party theme off.


Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Theme – Of course this theme is one for the girls.  Here I wanted to share some of the Best Minnie Mouse Party Favors. You will find everything from Chocolate Covered Minnie Mouse Rice Krispy Treats (Mickey is available too) to Minnie Mouse Take Home Tumblers. I have also highlighted some great Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Supplies and some of my favorite Minnie Mouse Ear Party Invitations. So be sure to stop by and see some very original Ideas.

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Halloween Party Ideas

halloween party ideas

I cannot believe it has been a while since I last Blogged on here. Well I will tell you about some new pages I created to help you with your Halloween Party Planning. To start I made a great blog post all about Personalized Halloween Party Invitations including one of my favorites that gets put inside a cardboard coffin box. So when it comes to getting out your Halloween Party Invites you will find some really great ideas and some that are very creative as well.

Ghost Pinata

Ghost Pinata

Next I wrote a Squidoo Lens all about Halloween Pinatas and there you will find every pinata available for this fun holiday. When writing this I was absolutely amazed at how many choices there are available. My personal favorite Halloween Pinata would have to be the Ghost – it is just adorable as it looks like it is flying.

spider ring toss

Spider Ring Toss Game

To go along with that I did a Squidoo Lens on the Best Halloween Party Games available. A Halloween Party would not be complete without some fun spooky games for the kids ya know.  I have also included one of my favorite games which is the Touch and Feel Boxes with Step by Step Instructions and ideas for some gross things the kids can touch. You will also find many party games you may never even knew existed – I sure did not before writing this so it is a great resource.

Demon Window Poster

Demon Window Poster

Do you think I would forget scary Halloween Decorations? No way – I love decorating for Halloween and some of my favorites  are Halloween Window Decorations. On this Squidoo lens you will find some of the scariest and cool decorations for your windows. Everything from Bloody Window Clings to Clings for your car Windows. You will see a great variety of  decorations there that may just keep your neighbors from wanting to peak in your windows again.

Fang Monster Cupcake

Fang Monster Cupcake

Then I moved to Hubpages and created a Hub on Halloween Cupcakes. On my Hubpage you will find lots of great ideas to make your Halloween Cupcakes looking sweet and spooky. You can also watch a video showing you how easy it is to make Ghost Cupcakes. I have added lots of photos of some fun creations like Spider Cupcakes, Monster Cupcakes, Eyeball Cupcakes, Bat Cupcakes, Witch Cupcakes, Mummy Cupcakes and more. Oh and one of the newest – How about Brain Cupcakes – ewww – Just the way you want them – so come check it out.

So that is what I have been up to for Halloween Party Ideas so far – when I write more I will add them on here. Halloween is so much fun and so are all the parties that go along with it!!!

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Ladybug Birthday Party

ladybug birthday party

Another very popular  Party theme is the Ladybug Birthday Party.  I absolutely love Ladybugs and I had put together a Squidoo page that features everything you need to put this theme together from Party Supplies, Invitations, Game Ideas, Party Favors and more.  You can check it out here: Ladybug Birthday Party Theme.  I have always told myself that when Ladybugs are around they bring you good luck and I also have been told you can tell their age by the number of dots on them. Not so sure if that is all true, but I have always gone by that.



You can also find some fun Ladybug treats on my main website; The Party Animal where I feature some tasty Chocolate Covered Ladybug Rice Krispy Treats. These treats make great party favors and gifts for any occasion and can be made in any colors you like. The Oh so Sweet Ladybug colors go perfect with that party supply line. The treats themselves are HUGE at about 4-5 ounces each, they come individually packaged and on a stick, they are made fresh to order from my supplier and are a big hit.

Pictures do these no justice – trust me. When I received my samples in the mail I could not believe how large these were and it took me almost 3 days to eat just one.


I have also recently discovered another great website for all you Ladybug lovers it is called Everything Ladybug. When they say everything they mean it!!! You can find Ladybug Facts, Ladybug Anatomy, Ladybug Pest Control (oh who would want to do that?), Ladybug Crafts, Ladybug coloring Pages, Games and so much more. If you love Ladybugs like I do then there is no doubt you will love this site.

I think I have to go look up the facts I have on them and see if they are accurate. Ok well I am off to do that now – so I hope I helped you find some great Ladybug Party items and some other great ideas for you.

Ladybug Cupcake

Just added How to make a Ladybug Cupcake on my Party blog – these are so adorable and easy to make.

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Harry Potter Birthday Party Supplies

harry potter birthday party invitation

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has hit the theaters and well shall I say taken them over. I have yet to see the movie myself, but will really soon. Of course when a new movie comes out so does Birthday Party Supplies and a Harry Potter Birthday Party is one of the most popular right now due to that. So of course I have put together a post on my party blog featuring  all the Harry Potter Party Supplies, Harry Potter Invitations, Harry Potter Birthday Cake Ideas, Harry Potter Party Favors and more all in one place. Wow – now that is Magical!!!

I was amazed at how much fun stuff is available for this theme and you can really go overboard if you do not set yourself a budget to stay within.  So if you are looking for Harry Potter Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas then you must check out my post and get inspired by all the unique stuff I have found for this party.

So take the Hogwart’s Express to my party blog and create a party that will amaze all of your guests!!! My spell has been cast.

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