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I saw the Michael Jackson This is It Movie Today

thisisit-mj-poster1My sister knew how bad I wanted to see this movie so she pre-purchased tickets for us as an early Birthday present for me a couple weeks ago. I could not wait to see it and today I did – it was well worth the wait. I would have gone with my husband too, but I knew he would make fun of me when I cried so he stayed home. Before the movie I packed my pockets with tissues so I was prepared. I must say I did need those tissues, but not until the end of the movie when it was over.

I cried for the loss of such an amazing talent and also for all the people who worked so hard practicing for this upcoming comeback tour. To think all those months of practicing and putting it together came to such a horrible end. Dreams that came true for them as they were picked to be part of this tour and then ended before it even began – my heart went out to them BIG Time. That must have been so hard on them to not only lose their dream of being on stage in front of an audience, but to have lost the man who was making it happen – their idol – Michael Jackson.

The movie was well made and really showed us just how involved Michael Jackson was in every aspect of his comeback tour.  It also gave us a taste of what could have been – and it would have been one of the best concerts to ever be. Things were being done that had never been done before and it is very sad that we will not get to see it all live the way it should have been seen. Michael was full of energy, excited and really looked the best he had in a very long time. He looked happy doing what he loved to do – it was nice to see. There was laughter, jokes and funny moments that really showed the side we rarely ever got to experience.

I really think that this movie is not it – we saw many glimpses into the songs and dances that would have been performed, but never the entire picture. I am hoping that they have footage of a complete run through dress rehearsal that will follow this movie for us to see it all. I have a good feeling they do – I am hopeful.

If you have the opportunity to see this movie then do it. It is  great even for those who may not be huge fans, because once you see this there is no doubt you will turned into one. Again my heart not only goes out to Michael Jackson’s Family for their loss, but also to the loss felt by all the talent involved in this tour from the dancers, back up singers, production team and everyone involved. I am happy I was able to see this movie and I myself will also always wonder like everyone else what could have been. I do know Michael Jackson will live on and “This is it” is not it and will wait for what is to come next.

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Do you think Michael Jackson’s This is It Movie is really it?

Michael Jackson This is it

If you watched the Video Music Awards the other night you will know it was dedicated to the late Michael Jackson with an incredible opening number featuring dancers and his sister Janet.  I also cannot forget the great speech give by the one and only Madonna. I think they did a terrific job and I have saved it on my DVR. You would have also seen the trailer to the upcoming movie;  Micheal Jackson’s This is It which will be in theaters October 28th for only 2 weeks. This movie compiles all of Michael Jackson’s last days rehearsing his big come back tour. I think this will no doubt be a must see and very well done to honor the King of Pop, but why is it out for only 2 weeks? What will come of the movie after that? I think there is more in the works and this really can’t be “It”.

I have also heard there are songs Michael Jackson made that have yet to be released – I have a feeling those will be coming our way in the near future as well. Hmmmmm

It is still so sad that he is gone before his time and that he had so much left to give us all with his music and talent. As the investigation into his death continues and while we wait for justice to be served will will be given a taste of what could have been.

Feel free to visit my Page – 10 things I will always remember about Michael Jackson – see if we share some of the same memories.

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