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What do you think of Ellen as the Fourth American Idol Judge?

ellen on american idol

I have to say that when I heard the news that Ellen DeGeneres was taking over Paula Abdul’s seat on American Idol Season 9 I was very excited. I am personally a big fan of Ellen’s and have been for so many years.  There are  lot of people who are not as excited wondering what will she bring to the show being she does not have a music industry background.  There are a lot of good points being made from both sides. I just think she will give the show a fresh feel, bring some humor and a well needed change. I am was not crazy about Kara DioGuardi being brought on last year and I am not a huge fan of hers. For some reason she annoys me – I think it is her mannerisms. I thought having her and Paula was overkill and not needed.


So will having Ellen be overkill as well? Nah. I think she will bring the perspective of the everyday person who buys the music.  She will be our voices and look at judging as we would if we were in that seat. Even though she does not have a music industry background per say – she knows a lot about it.  I also think it is great PR for the show – I think she will bring in a new audience and a lot of her followers that maybe did not follow American Idol before.

Well I guess this will be a wait and see kinda thing for those who are unsure. The new season will air January 2010 and I think there will be a lot of people tuning in to see how this will all turn out. I will tune in because I never miss American Idol and I am excited to see Ellen and how she will handle Simon. My prediction – This year is going to be one of the best yet.

Stop by my Squidoo page – American Idol Season9 and take a poll about what you think of Ellen as the new judge. So goodbye Paula you will be missed – but something tells me she will appear in some way on the show as well.


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Is the Webkinz hype dying?


There was a time when everyone had to have a Webkinz from Ganz – well all the kids at least.  I am wondering if the hype is now starting to fade away.  I just updated one of my many Squidoo pages about all the New and Upcoming Webkinz and as I was doing that I wondered.  Even though Ganz is still releasing new Webkinz Plush and other products its seems to me that things have slowed down in sales. Two years ago these virtual pets were one of the hottest toys on the market and I know first and being my daughter was all about them. Even my party business took off with my Webkinz Birthday Party Theme I created called the Webfriendz Party Package.  The party package is still available, but sales for that have slowed as well.  I have seen a jump in sales for my Webkinz Party Favors – KrispyKinz which are the Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats that resemble Webkinz Animals, but my thoughts are Webkinz may soon fade out.

webkinz figures

There have been many attempts on other products from Ganz like the Webkinz Trading Cards, Webkinz Figurines, Webkinz Mouse Pads, Webkinz School Supplies, Webkinz Carriers and Purses, Webkinz Christmas Ornaments, Webkinz Beauty Line, Kinz Clothing, Webkinz CharmsOutfits for the Webkinz and more.  I think all of those have also faded out now and never really took off in my opinion. I think the kids just wanted the plush that they could play with online.

It has been awhile since I have looked at all the new Webkinz and some of the new ones are very adorable, but somewhere along the line I got lost in the over production of merchandise that came out all at once. I have a feeling as a parent I am not the only one. I think it became very hard for the kids to keep up on them all and most seemed to lose interest. Maybe I am wrong, but I have seen it up close with my own child and those around me.  I will be curious though to see how they fare through the 2009 Holiday Season and if they will stay a Hot item or slowly fade into our memories.  I guess every good thing must come to an end at some point.  I just also wonder what the next big toy craze will be and what my kids will be begging for next.

I will keep all my Squidoo Webkinz Pages fresh as possible  – I am working on cleaning them up now.  Just to note:  My daughter still plays with her Webkinz, but the plush and rarely goes online to play the games.  A complete switch from what it was in the beginning- go figure.  Maybe I am completely wrong, but it just had me thinking – so I thought I would blog.

Take a Poll and let me know what you think:

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