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Been Busy on Hubpages

So I have also been busy building up my Hubpages as well and I have added four more Hubpages in the past couple weeks.  So now I am at a total of 21 and hope to double by the end of the year. My goal is to be at 40. I like to write about a variety of things there – not just one niche at this time. I am just having fun writing about the things that interest me and making some money along the way never hurts. So here is what I have been up to:

elmo hands

Elmo Says Wash your Hands – I decided to write about the new Ad campaign going on with Elmo from Sesame Street. For one I am a Elmo fan – that is right I admit it. I am a grown up who likes Elmo – Is that wrong? Nah. The second reason is because I really like what he is doing and his new job of helping spread the importance of proper hand washing and how to correctly sneeze and cough without spreading germs to others. I think the more attention to this the better for us all – even if it has to come from Elmo. With the Swine Flu and Flu season looming over us all I think any extra attention to proper hygiene the better. See all the Ads and read more at my Hub.


Hannah Montana Room Decor – My daughter is a big Miley Cyrus Fan and a fan of her show Hannah Montana so I decided to write about all of the great Room Decor available. I am not surprised that Disney has covered every area in that market and you can see it all on my Hub. The thing I like about all the bedding is that it is sophisticated and the colors are really nice. I have also added some great videos showing girls reactions to their newly decorated Hannah Montana Bedrooms – it is priceless.

toy hamster

Toy Hamsters –  Zhu Zhu Pets are one of the most sought after toys this 209 Holiday Season and I wanted to share that there are other fun Toy Hamsters on the market in addition to them.  So you will see all the fun Toy Hamsters I have found and I believe I have found a very nice selection in addition to the Zhu “>Zhu Zhu Pets. So take a look and if you have a hard time getting the Zhu Zhu Pets know you have other options to make your child smile this Christmas.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Being a fan of the original story written by Judi Barret – I decided to write about the upcoming movie.  I think this new 3D Animation will be a big hit with kids and adults of all ages. The book was great and I think the movie will also live up to that. I have also added some of the Toys and Games that come along with the movie like all of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Video Games.  So stop by and see what it will be like if Meatballs fell from the sky. I think it would be quite tasty.

JUST ADDEDCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Birthday Party – I came up with some great ideas based on the movie on my Party Blog. It is all about Meatballs and Food and great game ideas. Have you ever seen a Meatball Pinata? Come and see.

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Halloween Window Decorations

Demon Window Poster

Demon Window Poster

I just completed an update on my Squidoo Page – Halloween Window Decorations.  I created this last year, but it needed a major overhaul which is pretty much just received. It is not only just Window Clings, but also lots of great fun scary Window Decorations for the Halloween Holiday. You will be amazed at how many great things are available for your windows alone.  You can find some great posters for your windows like the one to your left that can really make your house look very frightening.  The creepy Demon scares me.  How about Clings for your mirrors that look like something is staring back at you. I have also featured How to make your own Window Clings if you want to get creative on your own. This year I am going to paint my windows using Window Paint and do a whole Ghost Theme – that should be interesting.

Mummy is that you?

Mummy is that you?

Did you know there are even Clings for your car so it looks as if someone is sitting in the car with you? I have them on my page too.  So stop by and see all spooky fun you can add to your Windows this Halloween and scare all your neighbors. The Bloody Hand and Footprints are perfect for that one and do not forget to add the Crime Scene Tape for that extra touch.  I think that should keep them away for a few months.

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