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How to have a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme

So last year it was Webkinz and now this year it is Zhu Zhu Pets – funny how things change so quickly and we move from one toy to the next.  It is just how things go and when the kids are obsessed with a new toy they will soon be asking you to throw them a party based on that theme. Again just like last year when Webkinz were all the craze there was no Birthday Party Supplies available to go along with them and this year with the Zhu Zhu Pets it is the same thing.  I helped so many parents last year with my Webfriendz Birthday Party Package based on a Webkinz Theme so this year I am helping again.

I worked really hard and put together a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme on my Party Blog to help parents in this situation. I am happy with how it turned out and I think I will be thanked again. I came up with the perfect Party Supplies, Invitations, Party Favors, Cake and Cupcake Ideas, Crafts and even created a bunch of  fun Zhu Zhu Pet Party Games and more.  It is not easy planning a party when there is nothing available out there to help  – well now there is and it is all laid out for you from start to finish. I plan to make sure my post is updated with all the latest party supplies as I find them. I just know once Christmas is past and the kids have their toys that parents will be scrambling as Birthdays come around. I have seen it happen before – so I did what I do best and took away that worry.

Click the link below to visit my post and be worry free:

Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party


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Stuffed Animal Organizers

stuffed animal organizer

With the holidays  approaching us and all those new Stuffed Animals that will be given to your kids – you may want to think about where you are going to put them all.  Every year before Christmas I go through my kids toys and weed out what they do not play with any more. I usually donate them by bringing them to a local store which accepts them or I have been also going on Craigslist or Freecycle and asking if there may be a needy family that could use some toys. I know this year there we be a lot of them. It is a good way to also get the kids to part with some of their things. Knowing they are donating to a good cause and giving a toy to a child that may not otherwise have any is a good lesson for them.

My Daughter's Stuffed Aniamls Before

My Daughter's Stuffed Animals Before

Even with all the donations my daughter loves her Stuffed Animals and Plush and does have quite a bit of them she still cannot part with. This past year I discovered one of the best ways to organize them and it is with a product called The Zoo. The picture above shows her stuffed animals now organized and easily accessible for her to play with. I keep writing about this to get the word out to other parents for this has made such a huge difference in keeping them all neat and tidy. It also makes it easier for my daughter to find and play with them now vs. being all in a big bucket.

I have written all about it here:  Stuffed Animal Toy Organizers and you can also see other ideas for storing and displaying all those Webkinz and smaller plush your kids may have too. They are all my own pictures shown and what I am using myself. Trust me I am the parent where everything has a home and when it does I am very happy. You will also be happy when you see you have great options. I know you will thank me.

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Is the Webkinz hype dying?


There was a time when everyone had to have a Webkinz from Ganz – well all the kids at least.  I am wondering if the hype is now starting to fade away.  I just updated one of my many Squidoo pages about all the New and Upcoming Webkinz and as I was doing that I wondered.  Even though Ganz is still releasing new Webkinz Plush and other products its seems to me that things have slowed down in sales. Two years ago these virtual pets were one of the hottest toys on the market and I know first and being my daughter was all about them. Even my party business took off with my Webkinz Birthday Party Theme I created called the Webfriendz Party Package.  The party package is still available, but sales for that have slowed as well.  I have seen a jump in sales for my Webkinz Party Favors – KrispyKinz which are the Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats that resemble Webkinz Animals, but my thoughts are Webkinz may soon fade out.

webkinz figures

There have been many attempts on other products from Ganz like the Webkinz Trading Cards, Webkinz Figurines, Webkinz Mouse Pads, Webkinz School Supplies, Webkinz Carriers and Purses, Webkinz Christmas Ornaments, Webkinz Beauty Line, Kinz Clothing, Webkinz CharmsOutfits for the Webkinz and more.  I think all of those have also faded out now and never really took off in my opinion. I think the kids just wanted the plush that they could play with online.

It has been awhile since I have looked at all the new Webkinz and some of the new ones are very adorable, but somewhere along the line I got lost in the over production of merchandise that came out all at once. I have a feeling as a parent I am not the only one. I think it became very hard for the kids to keep up on them all and most seemed to lose interest. Maybe I am wrong, but I have seen it up close with my own child and those around me.  I will be curious though to see how they fare through the 2009 Holiday Season and if they will stay a Hot item or slowly fade into our memories.  I guess every good thing must come to an end at some point.  I just also wonder what the next big toy craze will be and what my kids will be begging for next.

I will keep all my Squidoo Webkinz Pages fresh as possible  – I am working on cleaning them up now.  Just to note:  My daughter still plays with her Webkinz, but the plush and rarely goes online to play the games.  A complete switch from what it was in the beginning- go figure.  Maybe I am completely wrong, but it just had me thinking – so I thought I would blog.

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Webkinz Birthday Party Theme

That Special Birthday Party

That Special Birthday Party

Oh how parents hate Birthday Parties and all the planning that comes along with it. The money we spend to have the best party for our children to celebrate that special day. If you are a parent you know what I am talking about. While some of us find it fun to plan a party other find it overwhelming and never know where to start. Well that is where I come in The Party Animal.  Every year the kids are into something new and we usually base our themes around what the kids are into. For the past two years the big thing has been Webkinz. Now just to note: The Party Animal is in no way affiliated with Ganz the company behind all those Webkinz. I just help parents plan parties based on the themes the kids are into.

I created a party package based on a Webkinz THEME called The Webfriendz Party Package to help parents have a party for their kids based on this theme. It puts the whole party together and I only charge $29.99 and it is sent right to your email in a PDF format. It cannot get any easier than that. Included is everything a parent needs to host this party including all the games ideas, printable game pieces, step by step instructions, tips, printable invitations, thank you cards and so much more. In this day where our economy is so bad parents are getting back into having the parties at home. Having a plan just makes this whole process so much easier.

I have received nothing but praise from the parents who have used my package calling me a life saver. I do not want to think of myself like that – I just want parents to be able to give their kids a special day without going crazy and that is what I do.

I will work with any one anywhere and will even chat on the phone at no extra charge to answer any questions – now I think that is service.

So if you are planning a Webkinz Themed Party than my Webfriendz Party Package is for you if you want to save all that time coming up with a party plan.

I also carry clothing in so many styles that will fit onto the Webkinz and make great party favors. In addition to that I have 8″ T-Shirts which the kids can decorate for their Webkinz which makes a great activity and a great favor option. These are very big sellers for these parties due to the fact you have an activity and favor combined into one.

Decorated White T-Shirt

Decorated White T-Shirt

I have also made a page to help parents create their own Wheel of WoW for the party. A very simple and inexpensive way that looks great. Easy step by step instructions.

Kids really love these Webkinz and so does my own daughter who now has I believe over 25 and counting. Personally I think they are great too and I have 5 of my very own.

What will they think of next?

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